I'm so sorry I haven't uploaded something sooner! Been so busy with exams and other rubbish!
This piece is actually one I sent it for an exam and I got a pretty good mark for it; so I decided to upload it hear to see what you'll think!
I promise my new one-shot whille be up before the week's over!
*crosses heart and hopes to die*

The sky, like a mood ring, darkens as the sea's mood begins to turn foul. The sun shrinks away as if in fear, fearful of what is to come. The wind is up to its old tricks again.

It dances over the sea's back as it sleeps, eager to bring about the storm it knows it can cause. The wind starts to whistle a gay tune, taunting the sea. The sea rises to the challenge, how dare the wind disturb it while it sleeps? Twirling and spinning, the wind whips the sea's surface to create ripples; fascinated by the patterns it can make. The sea starts to rise in irritation, darkening with each swell of breath it takes.

Higher and higher it rises, till the clouds seem to skirt away in fear of being dragged down by the sea's outstretched fingers.

The wind starts to dance even faster, the tempo of its song speeding up. It dares the sea to keep up with its tune. The sea struggles to catch the wind, to silence it by swallowing it whole; but the wind just dances higher, causing the sea to claw at it with outstretched fingers. As the sea's patience wears thing, its temper becomes more terrifying. It heaves and throws its weight around, its anger whipping it into a frenzy. Pity the innocent boat that dares to cross the sea's territory. No mercy would be shown.

Clouds of mist seem to rise from the sea's mouth with each breathe it takes. The droplets, like bullets, pierce the air. The sea beats its fists against the rocks lining the shore, the earth shudders as it tries to withstand the sea's ferocious blows.

The wind giggles mischievously at the damage that it has caused; oh, what fun the sea can be! The wind lightly skims over the sea's back, a gentle graze, the sea begins to thrash, as if the wind's touch repulses it.

As the wind's song rises to a crescendo, the sea begins to wreak havoc on whatever it can. Bits of the land start to crumble away as the sea bashes its fists against the shore. It swells to unimaginable heights, as if trying to touch the heavens. It bellows out its war cry as it curses the wind and its song. The wind dances faster, euphoric of the hold it has over the sea.

Finally, when the sea is at its fiercest, the wind starts to tire. Its song slowly slows down to an amiable hum as it starts to drift away. The sea takes notice and starts to cool down. It takes deep breaths to calm itself. The sea starts to fall as it begins to feel drowsy. Peace; quiet. It lulls itself back to sleep to the calming sounds of the seagulls singing as they fly through the now stagnant air. The sea's breathing goes back to normal, its breath gently misting the Earth's shores.

The Earth sighs contentedly as it tries to recuperate from the beating it has just received. The sky starts to lighten as the sun slowly peeks out from behind its shelter against the sea's storm. As the sun slowly makes its way back to its original perch, the clouds start to descend; back to where their edges would gently graze the sea's back. The sea's back starts to rise and fall as it slowly falls back to sleep.

As for the wind, it bides its time, waiting for a chance to once again wreak havoc; for the sea is too much fun to leave alone.