I wrote this as a one-shot but now that I've read it again, I want to continue it. So, this is the prologue. Yes, it's femslash, ladies' love, girls love or whatever you want to call it. Please, read and review - this is basically my first try on anything sensual.

I cringed under her touch. My body vibrated. She kissed me and I kissed her back. She was more experienced, I could have told from the way she was using her lips and tounge, had I not already heard about it from her. I didn't care. She was mine and I was hers. It felt so good, so goddamn good. Being high is nothing compared to this. She trailed her dark red fingernails over my exposed abdomen - my tank top had mysteriously slipped up to my armpits exposing my breasts. Slowly her hand crept upwards, towards my breasts, cupping them and squeezing a bit. Her mouth made its way down my neck. I tried my best to keep at her pace, caressing her ankle with my foot and holding her waist. It was slim, slimmer than mine. Her hips felt bony. She licked my neck and it tickled, made me giggle a bit. She just breathed upon my shoulder. Her other hand was still working on my breast while the other went down, down down. Below the waisband or my panties, stroking softly. Her hand didn't slip inside my panties but stayed on the fabric. I was glad about it. Even this was taking it a bit far but I couldn't refuse, couldn't tell her no. I nudged her with my nose on the top of her head and brought my knee between her legs. She laughed, a low, warm chuckle. It was magical.

Now that I think about it, I feel ashamed. I let her caress me, almost make love to me, see something so private, so secure. Feel me, touch me, make me wet. It was our first night. I didn't get to sleep at all. Every time I tried I kept hearing her breath in my ear, kept turning around, pressing a kiss on those small, lucious lips. She always responded, smiling into the kiss, wrapping an arm around me. We ended up making out for a while, until we decided to try and sleep. Guess how good that went.

Yeah, I was pretty tired the next day. I didn't care, though. I snuck downstairs around eight pm - my parents were still sleeping, since they cad been out last night - and gathered some breakfast supplies. Some bread, fresh oranges, coffee, tea - I myself loathed coffee and started my day with a cup of tea, but Careen couldn't start her day without a mug of coffee, sleep or no - and a bit of chocolate chip cookies I managed to scavenge from the cupboard. I loaded the food onto a tray and brought them upstairs. Careen had managed to fall asleep during my absence so I set the tray on my desk, crawled upon her and blew softly into her ear.

"Wake up, princess", I remember whispering. She twitched, opened her eyes for a second and closed them right away again, grabbing my thighs, sitting up and attacking my mouth. I draped my arms around her shoulders and she leaned forwards, pushing me onto my back. She was always the dominant one, guess it comes from being the masculine one.

"That's my line", she told me in that husky, a bit raspy voice. She kissed me again, fiercely, hungrily, in a very demanding way. I melted under her, wrapped my legs around her and started pulling at her t-shirt. She let me go, shook her head.

"None of that now", she laughed softly and looked at the tray. "How about some breakfast, princess, and then we can enjoy a shower together?" I nodded happily.

"Sounds good to me."

If you have ever seen one of those chick flicks where the couple eats breakfast after making love, feeding each other strawberries and exchanging kisses between bites, that's exactly how we were. Well, we didn't have strawberries, but pieces of orange and bread worked just fine. We didn't dare to start another make-out session, though, since we were both cradling out steaming mugs of caffeinated liquid in our other hands, the one, that wasn't occupied feeding the other or being licked from orange juice.

The shower, though, was something totally different. I locked the door, just in case my dad needed his morning piss, and we stood under the lukewarm water for quite some time, exploring each other's bodies. She was bonier than me, had slimmer hips, smaller breasts and was a bit taller. She wasn't very feminine in her build but I didn't care, she was beautiful, so beautiful. Compared to my birth-giving hips, slight pudge and heavy breasts, she was an angel. A dark, corrupted and fucking beautiful angel. She could've grown wings right then and there and flown be straight to hell and I wouldn't have been surprised, I would have just begged her to go faster.

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