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Subliminal Cliche

"It is a cliche that most cliches are true, but then like most cliches, that cliche is untrue"- Steven Fry



This was not the first time. Uncle Matt was not happy.

Of course, he had told me to pick something valuable back home this time. And I thought the thing that I had picked was really something, until the moment I saw the emptiness of the wallet, which was already too late.

"You stupid, unfaithful wench!" Uncle Matt screamed right after he got a good look inside the wallet.

Again, this was why I got these bruises.

And that's why I was sitting outside at the pavement of the convenient store, sipping a cup of free soda, again.

I heard the bells ringing and knew somebody was coming out of the store. Seconds later, Mark sat next to me, handing me a paper bag.

"Here. Take it." He said.

I took a second to look inside the bag. Donuts. "Free?"

His dark eyes were looking up at the sky. He nodded and said nothing.

I had known Mark for almost three years. We had been co workers in this convenient store since 16 and we had graduated high school together. It's just this summer I had quitted the job.

"Thanks." I muttered and placed the donuts next to me.

It was hot out here and I could feel my body sweating miserably. Mark is still wearing his uniform- a blue polo shirt and khaki pants, accessorized with a stupid blue cap, with the store logo on it. I could see him sweating.

"Why don't you go inside? It's so hot out here." I asked him, enjoying the coolness of the store as a customer went out of the store.

He turned his head and looked at me, "I'm taking my break." He said simply.

I knew he can stay inside the store if he wants, but I nodded.

I looked at my watch, 3:15. It's time for another victim.

I got up from the pavement and gave a salute to Mark before heading off to my car.

I drove to the nearby supermarket and parked my car in the lot. I got out of the car and started wandering.

Parking lots of supermarkets are always the best place. People always leave their windows open, or sometimes they don't even lock their car doors, thinking they'll be right back.

That's when I saw him. He was standing at the back of his beat up van. His wallet was dangling in the back pocket of his baggy jeans, just about to fall down.

I just love this kind of people.

I walked towards him and counted from three. I sped up.

Remember, casual is the key.

"Oops. Sorry." I apologized for bumping into the boy and quietly picked the wallet from his back pocket.

He flashed me a smile. "It's okay."

Poor guy. He seemed nice enough. Maybe he was even the same age as mine, or a year older, who knows. I was not going to meet him again anyway.

I gave him an apologetic smile and started to walk away.

Somebody grabbed my arm from behind and said in a deep voice, "Wait."

That person turned me around and I stared straight into his grey eyes. I knew right away that I was busted.


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