what's wrong? you ask

as I turn away

shuddering Strangely at your Touch,

just a slight hand on the shoulder,

and still I turn away.

nothing, I lie

as you stare sadly,

hurt filling your eyes,

hurt which really has no place, I remind myself,

and still I feel Guilt.

why should I feel this way? I wonder

as I face you again

forcing a brave front

and realizing that it shouldn't be me who feels guilty,

but there it is.

it's You who did this

not Me,

the one who took our friendship

and slashed it apart into utter ruin with a simple act,

but here I still stand…

Still Here,

Still Acting.

It's all an act now, isn't it?

this friendship built on a lie

that you aren't even supposed to know.

how to react?

do you call him out? do you tell everyone?

No, a small voice speaks.

if you call him out, he'll be defensive, like it's your fault. and maybe it is.

if you tell everyone, who's to say they'll even Believe you?

who's to say they'll even Care?

so how to react? I ask myself again and again

as here he stands, unknowing

and asking me what's wrong.

What do I say?

What can you say?