You are a stranger

Lonely and weary

Making your way

Through a cold and angry


The closer you go

The further from home

You shiver

A light pulls you closer

From the end of the night

It dances and beckons

Pulling you, holding you


The nearer you walk

The warmer it feels

You glow

The more that you smile

The higher I rise

The more that you tremble

The closer I reach

You are the stranger

I am the fire

The love that you give me

Builds me higher and higher

You need me to stay alive

But wind makes flames flicker

Close proximity burns

Far enough for comfort

Near enough to yearn

These embers cannot

Embrace the fears you


You are the stranger

I am the night

The calm in the woods

That keeps its own light

You are the stranger

You are the stranger

I am the match.