Baby I am sorry..
For the first time I abused you..
For all sorts of my trouble..
I only accused you..
Belive me I still love you..
The heart of mine...
Still respect you...

It was a dreadful night..
When I talked to the friend of mine..
And for all I revealed..
I declared you the menace of my life..

I was out of my mind..
when I made u feel mortified..
In the front of others..
for the dignity of mine..

Still in regime of your love..
I adore your smile..
But can't yet abide..
The rejection from your side..

You failed to see my love..
I being considered imprudent..
And you proclaimed all my confessions..
Being fake as delusion..

May be thats all drove me away..
With no resolution on your side..
And I divulged all the truths of yours..
Which were concealed to mine..

He tried to elude the myth of yours..
Away from my mind..
But I am still helpless..
Owing to you my life..

I still praise you..
For being the mentor of mine..
But dont know yet whether the confessions..
Will make you think of mine..

But still I will live..
In your regime of divine..
Coz my love is still pure.
Valiant to all sorts of decline