"Always Quiet I Smile"

Lot of folks around me..
Still talk with anticipation.
Crawling there way in..
They eye my pertinence..

Enduring my quiteness..
I let the moment go..
Kinda remain dumbstruck..
daunted by my own soul..

I assent the way I am..
Awaiting another impediment..
On my thoughts of being awake..
To reply the ever chanting birds..

They still think..
I am unheard of current extant..
Feeling sorry for me..
They curse my existence..

But I still enjoy..
The calm and composure of being quiet..
Though others feel..I need to be fluent..
To grab the lime light..

"Expression" They say..
Obliges the world to welcome you..
And I still admire this rhyme..
To be the manifestation of aforesaid prime..

Yeah..thats true..
My words speak after they are written.
And I stand in chance..
With this manner of expression..

And I like the way I am..
Creeping back after being meticulous.
Stating cluster of folks now..
The depth of my imagination..

The "Silence" thus makes me feel better..
Giving in-depth of every matter.
It helps me stand flatter.
Utmost to glitter my inner manner...