"Spectral Fantasy"

Beneath the color of my skin..
I concealed the zest of loosing your sight..
With the shades of sun often radiant on face..
I revived my ambiance with every change of light..

Rarely I managed to smile..
My skin complexion like a cloud for a while..
Absorbing the scads of warmth all the time..
It still came out with the spectral colours of life..

I was alive..
With every shade creating an outline..
Some of them mixing with each other..
To create a new galore of smile..

Each color was a new expression..
Owing to the change of stipulations..
Those were the strokes of existence Of a guy..
Who was crestfallen without the joy..

With tears falling apart earlier..
And clouds raring to cry..
He was almost quiet through out..
To let the thunder pass this moment by..

It was the time after when..
Destructions were made several number of times..
With the world waking up to new morning..
He too accepted the fate of Divine..

Admiring his commitment..
He was a bit shy..
And sun's blaze still dazzling him from inside...
He was all set for new Season's Sunshine..