"Let me get things straight? You suddenly got up and went on your retirement flight without the traditional retirement ceremony, without submitting any retirement paperwork, without permission from the retirement department, heck, YOU DIDN'T TELL ANYONE YOU WERE RETIRING?"

The formerly prim and proper retirement head was now a raving mess. Her hair had slipped out of it's normally severe bun and was now sticking all over the place. Her eyes blazed with fury at the sedate and calm old lady sitting across the desk.

The old lady gave a hesistant smile and spoke in a gentle voice.

"Why, I believe I told my neighbours that I was leaving. We even had a little dinner right before I left and they all said they goodbye's as I took off. That was a ceremony wasn't it, Ms. Broccoli is it?"

"It's Ms. BRACOLI. And eating dinner with your neighbours does NOT count as a retirement ceremony. The PROPER way to do it is to ask PERMISSION from the RETIREMENT DEPARTMENT and have an OFFICIAL oversee your retirement flight, NOT A BUNCH OF HIPPIE NEIGHBOURS SAYING THEIR ADIEUS!"

Ms. Bracoli shouted at each capitalized word and by the time her sermon was over, her thin face was tomato red.

"Oh dear. I'm terribly sorry if it caused you much trouble. But I simply couldn't help it. The way the air felt, in the figurative sense of the word of course, and the stars were singing, I simply had to retire at that night, if you would understand. Something was calling out to me, you see." The old lady looked positively starry eyed.

Ms. Bracoli was sooo tempted to scream and shout right there, but held it back my sheer force of emotion. With gritted teeth she said, "Well, Mrs. Moira, I'm afraid I don't understand what you are saying. It's completely loony to me. What I do see, however, are these PILES of papers in front of me from several different departments complaining about the unscheduled retirement flight last night. The last time an unscheduled retirement flight occurred, Amelia Earhart disappeared from the sky. It took forever to clear that up."

Mrs. Moira's eyes lit up, "Oh, I remember that! I heard that was because the person retiring had heard Amelia Earhart wish to be among the stars. She she granted her wish as she went by. Amelia told me aaaaaalll about it, when I met her in the heavens. Since she was quite a young star, however, I did not really get the chance to socialize with her much. She was with another group of young stars, full of laughter and mischief and they quite enjoyed defying tradition. Instead of singing in choirs like us older stars liked to do, they got it into their heads to create a band. If I recall correctly, they have begun to call themselves 'The Supernovas.' Aren't they precious?"

Mrs. Bracoli decided to ignore that last part.

"You know, Mrs. Moira, there is a reason why the Retirement Department was organized. According to history, because an extremely irresponsible star had no care whatsoever for the PROPER timing of things, upon the end of his retirement flight, the dinosaurs went extinct and THE WORLD WENT IN CHAOS!"

Mrs. Moira simply blinked.

"How old are you, Ms. Bracoli?"

Ms. Bracoli was caught off guard. "Th-Three thousand years old. But I don't see why-"

"Ah. As I thought, you are too young to know the true facts. It's amazing how the truth gets so muddled these days. You see, I was there that time, and it wasn't the landing of Mr...Mr... Oh whatever-his-name-was that caused the dinosaur's extinction. Although his landing was rather impressive and it created a large splash, what truly cause the worldwide chaos that swept out a large percentage of the dinosaur population was a–"

"ENOUGH!" One hand slammed the table and another pointed it's finger at Ms. Moira "You are simply an old crazy lady who rants on and on and on. I don't know how you survived so long in the heavens without getting thrown off! They were probably glad they got rid of you, but now you are dumped into my hands and I don't know what to do with you!" With this outburst, the poor Ms. Bracoli collapsed onto her desk chair and put a hand to her head, trying to nurse the enormous headache she had gotten from this batty old lady.

That batty old lady's eyes lit up.

"Why, you could do what you do with everyone else who retires. I believe I granted five wishes on my retirement flight so, just assign those case to the monitoring department and put me in a retirement home. That's what happened to everyone else, right? Oh, I can't wait to see Mr...Mr...Oh I keep forgetting his name, and we talk about the weather." Ms. Moira clasped her hands together and smiled at the fuming lady in front of her. She appeared unaware of the trouble she cause the department head's mental state.

Ms. Bracoli began to laugh somewhat insanely. It started out as a manic chuckle and grew into a lunatic guffaw. At the end of her fit, she wiped the tears from her eyes and said, "I know exactly what I am going to do with you. "

She began organized the papers on her desk and setting some into different stacks.

"You are a very very unique lady, that's what I've learned from our wonderful session together. I believe that you should have a very unique retirement. I simply can't do for you what I do for everyone else, you deserve much more than that."

She violently stapled five different stacks of paper while she was talking. She took up those stacks and passed them to Mrs. Moira with a sickly sweet smile. Then, she stood up and gestured for the old lady to do the same.

"Here, how about you take those papers and monitor your wish-grantees. They would be soooo honored to have an ancient and experienced star like you looking after them."

Ms. Bracoli moved to take the woman's elbow and talked while escorting the lady across the room.

"Now I know that the monitoring department truly hates their job because they think that it is so extremely boring, but I believe that since you have SO MUCH EXPERIENCE with waiting around that this must be a snap for you. In fact, the department head of the Monitoring Department is an especial friend of mine, you could tell her all your stories. She would be ecstatic to hear them!"

With one last nudge, Mrs. Moira was finally outside the door and Ms. Bracoli said,

"Enjoy your retirement, Mrs. Moira!" right before she slammed the door in the old lady's face.




"My!" exclaimed Mrs. Moira. She looked at the papers in her hand, looked at the slammed door, and looked at her papers again. She finally let out a 'hmpf' and turned sharply around and headed for the exit. As she walked down the hallway, she exclaimed the whole way,

"Young people these days. So hot-tempered and emotional! Amelia was right! If these five girls I'm in charge of are only half as gullible as that Ms. Bracoli, then they would need more than the average monitoring. This generation needs an intervention!"

There you have it. The first chapter has been finished.

If any are confused:

Mrs. Moira is a star in the heavens (sky-ish) and whenever they choose to, they may quit their stint in the heavens and fly down to earth like a retirement. It's a very big thing for them, because

1. it happens once in a lifetime

2. they can't come back up EVER

3. they can grant the wishes of whoever sees them as they come down as shooting stars

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