It was the color change that pulled Caspian, entranced by the aureate beauty of the sun falling into the ocean, out of her hiding place. She allowed herself to rise to the surface, breaking the skin to let the sun touch her undiluted. It bloodied her flesh and clouded the water like the scarlet from a wound as the rays succumbed to the evening mist and plum Nocturne. Night oozed across the sky, fading from vermilion at the death of the sun to velveteen black at the birth of the moon. She hung, suspended on the surface like a feather, her tentacles hidden beneath the graying waves, gold and white hair dripping salt splashes like tears.

Fabian scanned the coast keenly, leaning so far forward on the balcony she was in danger of tumbling onto the rocks below. As her eyes adjusted to the evening light, she noticed a shadow bobbing darkly out at sea. It was too large to be a seal, and there was something distinctly human about the shape of the creature. If it was a human, they were in trouble; the shape was so far out that there was no chance of them getting to shore through swimming, what with the powerful currents. Suddenly, the shape disappeared, leaving only a vaguely discernible ripple on the glassy surface.

"What the-"she began, squinting, concentration scoring ravines across her brow as she frowned. Thinking quickly, she turned and fled down the stairs and towards the beach.

An effulgent glow fled from her body as she swam, the eldritch light of the moon curling betwixt the crashing waves, reaching long, pale tendrils to touch her skin. She basked in the achromatic glister, reaching up with one dark tentacle to caress the silvered surface of the water. Her eyes glittered, one blue, one gray, matching the stormy shades of the ocean itself. Suddenly, the sound and shape of an approaching row-boat ended her mindless frolicking, the incandescence momentarily punctuated by the shadow of the boat. She shot upwards, crouching just beneath the hull shyly. The face of a young girl wavered into shape on the surface. Startled, Caspian fell back, revealing herself. She saw a flicker of shock in the girl's eyes as she leaned forward to get a better look. Caspian toyed with the idea of coming to the surface to meet her, but she was held back by nothing more than cowardice. The girl reached one pale arm into the water, and Caspian touched it gently with her own golden digits.

Their eyes met, sombre and silent. Caspian broke the surface. The girl gazed at her, open-mouthed.

"Are you okay?"she demanded worriedly. Caspian realized that the girl had not yet seen her lower half, and had most likely assumed she was human.

"I'm fine,"responded Caspian, resting her arms on the side of the boat.

"But I saw you... from my bedroom. You sank like a stone!"exclaimed the girl, frowning. Caspian laughed. She moved away from the boat and floated on her back, lifting one tentacle to illustrate that she was in no trouble in the water. The girl swore and leaped backwards.

"My name is Caspian,"said Caspian sweetly, moving back to the side of the boat.

"Fabian,"breathed the girl. "You're a cecaelia?"

"Well done,"growled Caspian wryly, reclining lazily in the water.

"I never imagined that you were real!"she murmured, leaning over the side of the boat to look at Caspian's tentacles. Her white hair billowed around her in the aqua as she flashed a brilliant smile.

"So, you're not frightened?"Caspian asked, slightly perturbed by Fabian's fascination. "Most go running."

"You're beautiful,"Fabian replied, eyes shining. Caspian laughed shortly.

"Beautiful indeed!"she snorted.

There was a long silence. Caspian watched the flickering schools of fish dance and glitter far below her, and Fabian watched her face intently.

"What's it like in the sea?"she asked suddenly. Caspian looked at her uncomprehendingly for a moment, before a sly smile spread across her beautiful face.

"I'll show you,"she purred. Fabian nodded keenly. Caspian's smirk broadened.

"But... how?"questioned Fabian, her face falling.

"I have a talent for magic. I have the potion required to let you breathe underwater."Caspian responded simply.


"Yes. Wait here."ordered Caspian, disappearing beneath the waves.

This girl was young, Caspian was sure of that. Too naïve to see that the ocean would kill her. But, what the girl wanted she would get, and so long as Caspian got what she wanted in return, she didn't care an awful lot.

She flitted into the narrow entrance to her temporary abode, an underwater cave of ethereal beauty and inauspicious aura. She moved to her storage and sought out the items she was looking for; a spherical bottle filled to the brim with a dusty black liquid and a bottle of similar shape containing an electric blue concoction that seemed to give off a faint light. She clutched them to her chest and left the cavern.