I was running. Panting. I could hear them behind me. I heard the bullets flying by me. I was usually faster than them, but I was low on power. They had chased me for seven hundred miles across the decimated northern hemisphere today alone. I was panting now. Breath was hard coming. I could feel the fire around me flickering. My problem was my doom.

I dashed behind a stripped tree and knelt on the ground, gasping and choking on the superheated air that I was creating. My Geiger counter was going nuts. I could be tracked simply by my nuclear passing.

"I've got a trail!"

Oh God no. I must push myself faster, harder than ever before. I summoned up my last reserves of power and flew like a cheetah through the last of the forested Russian south. My vision flickered and my head swam, the ground raced up to meet me.

"No..." I could barely say it.

"Found him!"

"Kill on sight, Sergeant!" The crackle of static and a bullet.

My vision went black and I exploded.