"Do you want me to come with you to find the office? Or do you think you'll be fine?"

Fine? Fine? Oh mother dearest, how do you define fine? Is fine wanting to slap that stupid, eager smile off your face? Is fine wanting to jump out of the car and run screaming in the other direction? Is fine wanting to melt into the back seat and live a meaningless life in the leather?

If so, then yes. Yes I am absolutely, perfectly, irrevocably fine.

However loud my brain screamed and ranted, my mouth stayed dormant. My twin took it upon herself to answer.

"I'm sure we'll be fine, mum," she said, her smile making her deep brown eyes dance. "Seriously, we're eighteen, not eight! Just because we're starting off at a new school doesn't mean you can coddle and nurture us again!"

Mum sighed. "I guess… Well, I hope you have a good first day! I've heard nothing but high praise of this place, so it had better be good."

Sighing softly in agitation, I grabbed my schoolbag off the seat next to me and pulled myself out of the car. Glancing around, I surveyed my soon-to-be hell. Of course, the damn school would have to look beautiful, wouldn't it? If what I'd read on the Internet was correct, then this school was huge. From the looks of the front courtyard and the building surrounding it, the Internet was right. The courtyard was full of summer flowers and a huge jacaranda tree stood majestically in the middle. The grass was a vibrant green, and picnic tables were dotted around.

I guess it looked… alright.

"Wow, this place is beautiful!" Elezay said behind me as she pulled herself out of the car.

"Hold up a second girls! You haven't said goodbye!" mum called from the car, and we both rolled our eyes at the same time.

"Bye mum," we said in unison, and then grinned at each other. Sure, we were twins, but don't start thinking that we shared the same brain or something like that. We were basically opposites; we were just so used to mum being… well, mum.

As she drove off behind us, I just gaped at the school again. There were masses of people mingling around, all hugging or talking; catching up from the holidays. I was startled out of my daze by Elezay grabbing my wrist and dragging me over to the nearest person.

"Hey, do you know where the office is?" she asked, smiling sweetly at the younger boy.

"It's just in that building behind you."


We made our way through the crowd, Elezay once again hauling me by my wrist. Everyone we passed by gave us strange looks, and some – the male population – shot Elezay appreciative glances. Of course they would. Elezay was stunning, with bright brown eyes that had tiny flecks of green and long, brown hair that she put lighter streaks into. Not to mention the hourglass figure that she loved to flaunt. She was just… the opposite of me. Although neither of us could be considered 'tan', her skin had turned a light bronze that suited her fine while mine stayed porcelain white no matter how much sun I got. Unless you include bright red from being out in the sun for too long, which is even less flattering.

At least we were the same height, about 5'9. The only other thing we had in common was our hair colour, a light shade of brown. However we had both done different things with it: I'd dyed mine completely black while Elezay, as I said before, put highlights in it.

Finally, we arrived at the office.

Whereas I would have glanced around the room before ponderously entering, Elezay strode in and smiled at the secretary.

"Hi! I'm Elezay Maya and this is my sister Rainer. We're new here?"

"Oh yes!" The old lady's face lit up in recognition. "You came for the tour yesterday, yes?"

"That's us!" Elezay replied brightly.

"So you've met Principal Winfort?" At our nods, she continued on. "And you received your school books?" Another set of nods. "Excellent. I'll just get your diaries and timetables and then you should be ready to go!"

She bustled out of a door behind the desk.

"She was cute," Elezay commented, leaning casually on the desk. "Like, in a cutie grandmother type of way."

I gave a noncommittal grunt in reply, glancing around the office. It was pretty spacious, with most of it being on the 'secretary side' of the desk and the other part filled with chairs and a few coffee tables. I wandered over to flick through one of the magazines about the school, but before I reached one the secretary came back into the room.

"Elezay, here's yours." She handed a diary and a sheet of paper to my twin, before turning to me. "Rainier, I'm sorry darling but there was an error on yours. If you'll wait for a tick, then it should be done in no time. Now, I also arranged for buddies for you both to help you around. They should be here any minute. I suggest you go with yours, Elezay, as you don't want to miss too much class—"

She was cut off when the door opened and two girls walked into the room.

My eyes flew over to Elezay as one of their auras washed over me, and she met mine with shock. One of them was a Nymph. My eyes swung back to her, and I could see her smirking at us. She tilted her head slightly, mockingly. I averted my eyes, pretending I didn't see so I wouldn't have to respond while Elezay met her eyes straight on and raised an eyebrow. The Nymph's mouth curled slightly. She looked like the epitome of refined and flawless with her pristine skin, cold grey eyes and dark brown hair with a slight tint of red.

She freaked me out.

The other girl – human, thank god – looked much more friendly. She had wavy blonde hair that was pulled up into a hair tie, with a few wispy bangs hanging around her face. A bright, big smile graced her features and I immediately felt a bit more comfortable around this girl. Not much, but a bit.

"Ah, Bella, Lydia! There you girls are! I was just talking of you!" The secretary beamed at the two younger women. "These are your charges, Elezay and Rainier." She pointed each of us out. "And this is Bella Lowski, head girl of the school." She indicated towards the nicer of the two. "And Lydia Turnbull, one of our senior prefects." She gestured towards the other, colder girl.

"Lydia, you can take Elezay to whatever class she has now. Bella, your charge will be a minute; I'm fixing her timetable. You can wait outside if you want."

Elezay and Lydia had already disappeared out of the room, and Bella grinned at me before following them, leaving me alone with the secretary.

"I'll be just a moment," she said, holding up a figure before disappearing behind that door again.

I tapped my foot on the carpeted floor, more than slightly impatient. Why did they have to stuff up my timetable? I actually wanted to get to class, while Elezay on the other hand couldn't have cared less! I groaned quietly, my eyes flicking once again around the office.

I spotted the newsletter for the school and started flicking through it.

Suddenly, the door opened and natural sunlight spilt into the fluorescent room. A shiver prickled icily down my spine, and I immediately straightened.

A Supernatural was in the room.

My first instinct was to whip around and get a good eye full of him, but I didn't want to put myself in the spotlight by being so frank. Instead, I gently probed his aura, but could gain nothing more than I had from my original scan: he was male, his aura felt like nothing I had felt before, and it was very powerful and commanding. Whenever I grabbed a hold of it to feel it out, it felt as if it turned to water and slipped out of my fingers. After a moment, I picked up faintly on his interest, and realised it was directed at me.

My back tensed further.

Strangely, he stayed near the doorway and came nowhere near the desk. I started to hum a nameless tune softly under my breath, a nervous habit of mine. Then I realised that no matter what Supernatural he was, he could probably hear me with his enhanced hearing.

I abruptly stopped.

So softly I almost missed it, a low chuckle reverberated through the room. By now, my whole body was ready to sprint from the room and never look back. Almost as strong as that urge, my mind was screaming at me to just casually look behind me and check the guy out.

Wait! Not check out to in see if he's hot! Just check out what he is! His aura kept slipping out of my grasping fingers whenever I tried to untangle it. I could feel his amusement tinge his interest. It felt as if he was waiting for me to turn around and sneak a glance, just so he could gain some more amusement at my expense!

This stiffened my resolve and I clenched my jaw with renewed determination. Suddenly, like a sudden piercing ray of sunshine on a gloomy day, the secretary re-entered the office. My whole body deflated in gratitude and I grinned at her, obviously more brightly than I intended because she looked quite taken aback from my sudden mood change.

"Thank you so much!" I said in one breath, trying not to snatch the paper in my anxiety. I could still feel his eyes burning into back.

"Oh," she blinked, slightly dazedly, "that's alright. I'm sorry about the mix-up. Have a good first day."

"Thanks!" I said again, before turning on my heel and scampering out of there, head down. His eyes followed me the whole way, but my damn pride wouldn't even let me sneak the tiniest glance at him. I slammed the door by accident and collapsed against the wall beside it, letting out my breath in one long gush.

"You finally got it? Oh thank the lord! This school is so hopeless sometimes!" Bella gushed, giving me a fright.

I smiled hesitantly, my eyes flickering away from hers to down at my feet. "Oh, yeah, sorry."

"There's no need to be sorry! Now let's have a look at your timetable."

She peered at my timetable then started to lead me off to my classroom. Just as we were leaving, a thought made me almost stumble over my two feet.

Did he realise that I was a Supernatural too?

Another thought followed it even more quietly.

Did he realise I was a hybrid freak?

I hate to be examined. Absolutely loathe it.

But teachers just love to put new students through hell.

So that explains why I was up the front of the classroom, wringing my hands and wishing I could hum. Of course, I wasn't going to make that mistake again. The Supernatural wasn't in this class, but I could sense his powerful presence at the edges of my awareness, like an annoying fly buzzing around my ears. I could also faintly feel Elezay's aura in a different building.

"So, what's gotten you so interested in chemistry Rain-ya?" the teacher, Mrs Teale asked, smiling at me. The whole class looked me over, before whispering their examination results to the person sitting next to them.

Oh, and I hate my name being pronounced like 'Rain-ya', as if the person speaking can't even understand what the last three letters of my name mean!

"Um, it's pronounced Rain-e-air. And…" I trailed off, my eyes darting nervously around the lab room. "I guess I like… to know about… atoms?"

Lame, I know. But that was the best I could come up with in a few seconds! Not to mention it had to be a good answer, because I definitely didn't want to get in her bad books on the first day. The real reason… I did well in this subject, and it was one of the only subjects I was better than Elezay at. So, obviously, she had dropped it. Thinking of my twin made me ponder on how she would have introduced herself. She would have smiled brilliantly at everyone, and gave a funny, well thought out speech as to why she was interested in it. She would have blown everyone away. While I, on the other hand, managed to make the class snigger and produce an awkward silence with the teacher.


"Oh. Well!" She cleared her throat uncomfortably. "You can choose any seat you like in the class."

My eye darted around the room. Each white science table had about three people sitting at it, so I hesitantly made my way over to the friendliest looking table who had only two people at it. Of course, both were girls. There was no way of an icicles chance in hell that I would've felt moderately comfortable sitting next to guys. I know, it's a lot more than just a bit embarrassing.

I smiled hesitantly and the two girls beamed back, although one pair of eyes flickered away from mine for a moment in what I guessed was discomfort.

Annoyingly enough, a small stab of hurt shot through me, though I should've been used to it. My eyes were a dark forest green, and a lot more vivid than many other people's. Also, if you looked hard enough or if I was riled up enough, you could catch a glimpse of a flicker of fire.

Like I said before. Hybrid freak.

I fixed the glasses sitting over my eyes self-consciously as one of them introduced themselves.

"I'm Sandra," she said. I quickly scanned over her face, trying to commit it to memory. She was a tiny Asian, with her long, shiny black hair plaited into two pigtails that hung over her shoulders. Her glasses balanced a bit precariously on her tiny nose. I quietly probed her aura. As she had no magical blood, it was very small and easy to read. She seemed quiet and a bit boring; typical nerd.

The other one stuck her hand out and introduced herself. "And I'm Annalise." This girl was extremely pale with mousy brown hair and quite a few freckles splayed across her nose and cheekbones. Even though she looked like she belonged in a secluded corner in a library, huddled up with a book, her aura exuded a feisty and slightly dominating feel. I didn't particularly like her all that much; she seemed like a bit of a bitch.

I muttered a hello, then let my black hair fall across my face to shield them from staring at me. Which they were doing. Humming almost imperceptivity to myself, I opened my books and readied my pens for the lesson.

Miss Teale was writing up a chemical equation on the board when she stopped suddenly and turned around, frowning slightly.

"Where is Kailas? Has anyone seen him today?"

"I saw him this morning, Miss," Annalise said, smiling conceitedly and sitting up straighter.

"I bet you did," someone muttered behind me.

Her aura flared with indigitation, a sure give away that she heard and understood.

If I could guess at any reason for the jibe, it'd probably be because she was obsessed with this 'Kailas' person.

Poor guy.

I subtly put my hand over my mouth to mask my smile.

With a slightly raised eyebrow, Miss Teale turned back to the whiteboard and continued with the lesson.

My nerves quivering, I stepped through the open doors and into the dinning hall. It was lunchtime. I chewed on my lip, looking around uncertainly. After the last class I had, English, no one had offered to take me to the dinning room. I couldn't find Bella anywhere, so I was left to my own devices to find the dinning hall. I couldn't work up the courage to ask one of the other students, so I ended up following Elezay's aura here. Of course she'd have no problems finding a way here. Frowning slightly, I scanned the room for her.

Suddenly, I was shoulder barged from behind and was sent flying into the table closest. Thank god it was empty, or I would have died of mortification. As it was, I could feel a sharp, cutting reply snaking its way up my throat as I whirled around to face my attacker. It died in my throat as the adrenaline left me and the person kept walking, unhindered and uncaring.

I sagged against the table, wishing I could slam my head against it without making a complete fool out of myself. Why, why couldn't I stand up for myself?

My frown sharpened, my neck prickling as I realised someone was staring at me. I could basically feel the heat of that stare, and it felt so familiar. I peered around the dining hall, searching for a pair of eyes staring directly at me.

"Hey Rainier, coming to get lunch?" a voice asked, and I snapped my head around. I recognised the aura before the person; it was Sandra. Annalise was standing next to her, and she flickered a smile my way before sweeping the crowd with her eyes.

I smiled back and nodded – the feeling of being watched still there – and followed her to where people seemed to be lining up to get their food. Sure, Sandra looked like a complete nerd, but I definitely wasn't going to be choosy about making friends. I was glad that I had found someone to sit with; I really didn't want my first lunchtime spent by myself as a loner.

Once we'd gotten lunch – some identifiable meat-stew-thing with rice – I followed Sandra and Annalise to their table of friends. They were, of course, all nerds and I felt slightly out of place. I guess I looked the part, with my plain looks and glasses, but I still felt like a freak among… well, freaks. I didn't mean that in a malicious way, not at all seeing as how I was a freak myself but—

I could still feel those damn eyes!

I ate my lunch quietly, trying to ignore the sensation of being stared at, and only talking when a question was directed my way. I couldn't really join in with the conversation, as they were talking about the latest books that they'd read and their favourite computer games. Sure, I loved to read sometimes and play a few computer games but, for me at least, my escapades in that direction weren't exactly conversation worthy. I found Annalise did a lot of the talking and she seemed to lord over the rest of the group, which was made up of about eight or nine people. There could've been more, as it was a ten-person table, but they were probably sitting at another table.

The hand holding my knife tightened as he walked behind me, his strange yet powerful aura sending my whole body tingling as he breezed past me. I wanted so badly to just turn around and catch a glimpse of him, but I couldn't. I closed my eyes, let out a sigh, and tried to relax my hand on the knife.

And then those eyes started staring at me again.

This finally sent me over the edge. I couldn't take so much pressure and stress in such a short time; I really needed to get out of this enclosed space. I stood up suddenly, sending my chair flying backwards. The whole table looked up at me in astonishment, and I offered a tight smile.

"I'm sorry, where do I put my plate?"

Annalise was the first to recover and she gave me directions to the kitchen. I strode quickly through the hall, dumping my plate and high tailing it out of there. I could almost feel his amusement rolling off him in waves. I burst out of the hall and walked over to the nearest wall, breathing in through my nose, out through my mouth, trying to calm myself down.

I needed to get a hold of myself before someone started to notice the flickers of fire dancing around my pupils.

After five minutes, I decided I needed to find Elezay and tell her. Steadying myself, I slowly walked back into the dining hall, humming quietly to myself to further keep my calm. I don't know why it calmed me, but… it just somehow did!

I found Elezay, sitting on a table in the middle of the room with Lydia next to her. I almost rolled my eyes. Sure, I loved her – she has my twin sister – but she seriously loved the limelight. It was just about a given that she was surrounded by the school's pretty and popular people. I was ready to turn around and scamper back outside, but then I remembered the feel of those Supernatural eyes on me. She would know what to do.

As I drew nearer, pairs of curious eyes trained themselves upon me. I could see quite a few condescending looks and disdainfully raised eyebrows. Elezay twisted around in her seat when I arrived next to her. Her eyebrows flickered downwards for a second in an irritated frown; then she saw the expression on my face and felt my aura.

"Rai, what's up?" she asked, concern lacing her voice.

"Can we talk…" my gaze flickered around the table that was blatantly staring at us with interest, "…alone?"

"Sure," she said, rising elegantly from her chair.

"Who's that? I've never seen her before," a brunette asked, and then under her breath, "probably wouldn't have noticed her if I saw her before anyway."

People snickered around her, and my face grew red. I looked meaningfully at Elezay, and I saw with relief that she was opening her mouth to retort. Or at least I hoped so.

However, someone else beat her to it.

"Leave her alone Claudia. She's Elezay's sister."

I shot a grateful glance at my rescuer, but that glance turned into an open mouthed gape. He was another Supernatural! He was an Elemental, and as I concentrated harder and picked out his aura – it was hard to do so in this crowded room – I found he was a wind Elemental. And a strong one at that. He had light brown, almost blonde, hair, with piercingly blue-grey eyes that looked at me in amusement, his mouth tilted upwards at the side in a smirk. I could see in his handsome face that he knew I recognised him for what he truly was, but did he know what I was?

I almost snorted aloud. Probably. It wasn't very hard to figure out what I was once you got a glance at my aura.

The wind Elemental's smirk grew, and he dipped his head almost imperceptibly at me. How many Supernaturals could there be in one school? I'd felt a couple of brushes during class, but I thought I'd imagined it. I mean, I couldn't be sure unless I looked one of them in the eye.

The only exception was that unknown Supernatural.

At the mention of him, I immediately snapped back to reality and dragged my eyes away from the other Elemental, cursing myself. How could I have just gaped at him for so long? How absolutely embarrassing! I was losing my dignity at a fast rate today.

Without another glance, I tipped my head down so my black fringe covered my face before grabbing onto Elezay's arm and pulling her out of there. Once again, I was out in fresh air I starting to feel better.

"Okay Rai, what's wrong?" she asked, her large brown eyes assessing me.

"Have you noticed how many Supernaturals are at this school?" I hissed, leaning in closer to her so no one could eavesdrop on our conversation.

She frowned. "Well… yeah. Mum did warn us about this. We moved to where the Council is, so it's almost certain that there'd be a lot of them around here. Is that really all?" She sounded incredulous.

"I guess… I didn't think there'd be that many. But… this is kinda hard to explain. I keep feeling this guy's eyes on me—"

"Oh! He's interested in you!" she sung, grinning at me and elbowing me suggestively.

I sighed in exasperation and tried to cover the smile on my face. I was trying to be serious dammit!

"Be serious El. This guy is a really powerful Supernatural, from what I can make out. But I can't figure out what he is! And he keeps watching me!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air. "I'm not interesting in any way, shape, or form!"

Elezay snorted, the noise sounding foreign and unwelcome from such an elegant looking girl. "As if you're not interesting! I think you're absolutely fascinating, and I'm your twin! And I bet you'd be stunning if you took those damn glasses off and rinsed that disgusting black—"

"That's not the point Elezay!"

She narrowed her eyes slightly at me. "I won't give this up, but I'll put it away for now. Hmm… Well… I don't know what you expect me to do about this. You're one of the best aura-reader's I know, and I know a lot of people. If you can't figure this guy out, how the hell can I? What does he look like? I bet he's drop-dead gorgeous if he has the amount of power you says he has." She grinned at me, then whispered conspiratorially, "And he's interested in you."

"Okay one, and I repeat: he is not interested in me. No one is interested in me. Especially if he's as 'drop-dead gorgeous' as you surmise." She tried to interrupt but I held up my hand. "And two… I haven't seen him yet."

The explosion was instantaneous.

"What?! Why the hell not?! What have you been doing? That is poor form Rai!"

"I was scared," I mumbled, not adding and not like you. It hurt too much to say the words that I knew everyone thought.

She sighed in frustration.

"Uh, I don't know. Just next time you feel him, look at him." I made a face but nodded anyway. I could always just make up a description if she got too pushy. She grabbed my wrist – once again – and started pulling me in the direction of the dining hall. "Now come on, let's go have some lunch."

"With you? On your table?" I squeaked.

"Well… yeah."

I wrenched my wrist back. "I don't think so. I've already had lunch anyway, I'll just go hang in the library till lunch ends."

It was her turn to make a face at me. "Fine. Just remember what I said."

She turned and walked back into the room, somehow managing to look poised and flowing. I snapped my eyes away, before I could get too depressed over my gorgeous sister. It was embarrassing meeting people for the first time together, as I could see the same question brimming in their eyes: They're twins?! How can she be related to Elezay?

Biting my lip again, I turned and headed vaguely towards where I thought the library could be.

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