Today was like the worst day of my life. Like ever.

See, since our class had been excluded out of the rally for International Day, we had been stuck inside with nothing to do. Please blame the two idiots who started this whole thing. See, it started out like this.

I was checking out the new Invicta watch bought for my birthday when the sounds of a chair being scratched on wooden floorboards raised up in front of me. I glanced up only to see Lei picked herself up from her desk, a look of infinite boredom on her face. I folded my hands, tilted my head back, and waited to see what would happen next.

Hahah. Who is she going to get mess with now?

Lei stalked across the room until she met a desk with nobody sitting in front of it. The desk itself was littered with pencils, papers, crayons, erasers, and who know what else.

"Hey Dan."

Anyone who was in the front of the room would've thought her crazy for talking to empty air. Those from the back of the room snickered as different thoughts flitted across their mind. Each and every one of them had a different scenarios playing out in their minds. None of them good mind you.

"Oh. Not again." I mumbled to myself from my seat.

"Huh? What do YOU want Lei?" A tall white guy with taped glasses appeared from under and behind his desk.

She shrugged. "What are you doing?"

"Huh? None of your business." Dan shrugged. "Get back to what you were doing, Lei."

"Haha. No way. Hmmm. What's this?" Asked the girl dressed in an all-black skirt.

"HEY! Hey, put that down. Give it back to me!"

"Hmmm? No way. It's mine now." Lei stuck her pierced tongue out and whirled around to attempt to walk back to her own desk. Her silky black dress fluttered throughout the air as her back was turned.

"I said give it back!" The sounds of a backpack being dropped were heard as Dan struggled to get up from his awkward position from behind his desk. A pair of yellow Nike shoes lashed out at a wooden surface as Dan finally got up into a crouch from his awkward position.

A grin slowly spread itself thorough Lei's face as she stopped walking and turned her head sideways to look at Dan, her hair fluttering through the air like butterfly wings. "Or what?"

Feeling irritated, Dan just held his small hands out. "Just give it back. Please."

I shook my head and went over to the windows. This summer's heat was really getting to me. A lone sweat drop slowly made its way down my right eyebrow, tickling my face as it made its way past my eyelid down to my face. As it slipped past my lips, I stuck out my tongue and licked it away.

"Salty." I mumbled to myself as I slipped a hand over to the windowsills. The cool glass surface met my fingertips as I press them against the slippery surfaces. "Hmmm. I wonder how we'll do on the rally."

"It's okay, Misk." My heart fluttered as a melodic voice floated from behind me. A hand found itself on my shoulders as my ears tickled from a warm breath.

"Ahhh…" I breathe out as the tensions fall out of my shoulder as soft hands kneaded them slowly and at times fast, softly and at time hard, back and forth. "Relax a little, hmmm?"

Suddenly I felt a wet sensation glided across the back of my ears as I tensed all over.

"Stop that, Shilly." I pouted.

"Stop what?" Suddenly the hands were no longer at my shoulders. Instead I felt two hands slide down to rest between my collarbones. "You know you're enjoying my massage." The hands slide further and –

"Ah!" My face heated up as two pinpricks of sharp pains flashed up from my chest. Then slow pleasure as they were twisted back and forth.

"Ohhh…" I squirmed in my seats, leaned back and moaned. "Stop that, Shilly."

"No. Hahah."

The fingers that were pressed against the cool glasses froze over as I thought of a way to retaliate. Then an evil grin spread across my face as an idea came to me.

"If you don't stop, I'll tell Lei who was it that put pictures of big black penises on her locker last week." I grinned when the hands stopped moving. I glance back my shoulders to see a face frozen in shock, and fear. She twitched.

"You wouldn't."

"Hahah. Try me." I grinned in triumphant as she slowly took her hands off me and got off from my back.

"You know I'll get you back right?" She grinned evilly over her shoulders as she slowly walked back to her seat.

I just rolled my eyes at the ceilings.

Why is she such a pervert? And a lesbian to boot. Why me?

It was then the argument between Dan and Lei turned into an all-out fight.

Textbooks and scattered papers flew through the rate at the speeds of light as the scuffle turned into an all-out free for all.

"Why meee?" I leaned my head into my elbows as I laid my heads in between the windowsills.

The screams and yells of the students, the sounds of tables and chairs been kicked off their stationary positions, chalks bouncing off walls, kids yelling –


"This is so dumb. Why meee?" I moaned into my elbows.

"Fuck you Dan. Fuck you. FUCK YOU FUCK-"Lei screeched as her palms slapped Dan's face repeatedly.


I casually took another glance at the outside sky through our class windows. The last thing I saw before the teacher walked in with an angry expression was the ever optimistic bright sun covered by a group of scattered dark clouds with its pessimistic gloomy arms.

Here's something for you guys to fall back on if you want to verify their personalities. If you wish to add something to their personalities feel free to suggest.

Character Development Sheet

Female: Misk- Irritable, sarcastic, pessimistic (rub nose)

Male: Dan-geeky, cowardly, (middle finger)

Make: Jake-shrewd, very social, very moral (brightening smile)

Female: Sharley-brave, random, skeptical (pink bow)

Female: Shilly- hateful, lustful, (Green glass lens)

Female: Lei- racist, stubborn (Pierced tongue)

Female: Susana- cheerful, Opportunist, optimistic (bouncy)

Male: Brooke- calm, (googles)

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