In Tangled Necklaces

Prologue (kinda)...

Jade Matthews had never really attempted to be a social person, always lost in her own thoughts to bother building relationships with others. Some speculated it had been because every person she ever loved left, others just deemed her an anti-social psychopath. Only on holidays did anyone ever see movement within the small home on the outskirts of town, and no one bothered to walk the distance to check on the woman. Thus, Jade Matthews lived in exile from society, ordering food and never leaving her home; the mystery of the little town of Dragoon.

On the day after Halloween a large number of people arrived in the town of Dragoon, purchasing an abandoned Victorian house just ways from Jade's little cottage. There they made refuge, restoring the old home until it had been modernized with technology the small town had yet to come across. The newest additions to Dragoon's small population are loud, dangerous, and anti-social to those that aren't in their 'family.' Plus, from what the town's people have gathered, there is only one or two females in a household of large men. No one speculates that they're not human, that they might be the cause for the wolves around town at night…that these people might actually be lycanthropes.

Traven Knight has been the alpha of the strongest pack in the states for centuries, and has never relented to the will of another. He is rough, dangerous, and has no problem getting downright violent if someone threatens himself or one of his own. So when he moved to knock on Matthews door, to offer to purchase the land from what he'd gathered from the townspeople as an old woman, he had never expected to be looking down the barrel of a gun. Nor had he ever expected that behind the weapon would be the prettiest set of enraged green eyes he had ever seen.

It seems Jade hadn't been as anti-social as the town had deemed, the older woman had left town unseen several times, and returned without one glance cast in her direction. Twenty years ago she had returned with a child in arms, a child that had grown with love and care outside of the town. Each year having been taken out of Dragoon on a holiday to their city apartment, and returning on the next holiday.

Thus, Noelle Leonard (named after her father) had been nurtured in secret by a mother whom had shown nothing but the upmost love to her. The apathetic nature of the townspeople had disgusted her, and she vowed to never allow someone to hurt her mother. She had watched as the new family listened to rumors of her home, of her mother, and had never grown any sympathy for anyone in Dragoon.

Too bad Traven didn't see it coming. Nor could he face the fact that the woman in front of him, the one who wouldn't relent no matter how he howled or ordered, the one who used sarcasm and anger to an extreme, was his mate.

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