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Chris's POV

She slumped on the couch, her brown hair splayed out before her, a bowl of sweets falling out of her lap, melted chocolate smeared on her cheeks and a small snore escaping from her lips every so often. To me, she was absolutely beautiful.

She cuddled into my arms as I carefully picked her up, so used to the sensation of being lifted that she subconsciously moved closer. I smiled – she was so sweet when she was sleeping. I put her down on the bed and tucked the blankets in, then grabbed some spare sheets and lay down on the floor, waiting until she woke up to find out what had happened this time.

I woke up to complete and utter darkness, with someone sitting on my head. What the hell?
Listening carefully, I heard Karmen's haphazard breath coming from above me - it was her butt on my face. Not so bad, then.

I playfully tried to shove her off, thinking that it would be easy work, but swore when she wouldn't budge. It didn't matter how nice her butt was, I still needed air!

Finally, she moved and I could sit up. I glared at her and muttered something pert, though now I can't remember what I actually said; I got too distracted by her eyes. Such a warm brown gaze, with those beautifully thick lashes, and yet no make-up. I knew she couldn't see into my soul, but sometimes it felt like she could. Heck, sometimes I wished that she could. At least that way, she'd know how I truly felt about her already.

I stared into those eyes, so tempted to just kiss her. My heart thumped incredibly loudly as it tried to escape from my stomach - I was sure she could hear it, not to mention see the sweat dripping from my palms. Jumping up, I exclaimed something typically masculine, and then ran away. God, I'm such a dork!

I returned some time later, once I'd managed to persuade my vital organs that it would be wise to continue functioning. I walked back into the room calmly, then burst out laughing when I saw that Karmen still had chocolate on her nose. She was amazing that way, so childlike and yet so brilliant at the same time. I guess sometimes when I think about how much she means to me; I forget why I fell in love with her in the first place, and how much I also value her as a friend, not just as a crush. That's probably why I get nervous sometimes, but can treat her like any old friend the rest of the time. I have got to stop reading so many damn philosophy books.

We sat up for most of the night, ranting about James and watching Buffy. I could see in her eyes that this time truly was the last break-up – she had a different air about her, as if she'd made some sort of self discovery. I wondered what had changed – had she found a new man?

Dear god, I hope not.