Of all the people,

That have come before me,

That I have seen,

You are the one that matters.

Why then is it so hard ,

To understand,

To make you understand the way I feel?

Why is it,

That when we look for answers,

All we see is hesitation?

Why is there no straight answer,

No absolute proof,

Of the feelings we can share?

Why is it that the dark,

Is so frightening?

So daunting?

Is it the ignorance,

Of what will happen?

The not knowing?

Or is it proof,

That we can already see,

What will happen,

And it isn't the way we want it,

So we run and hide?!

For me all these reactions,

Have no reason to be.

We have to face,

What comes at us.

Wether we get beat down,

Or it happens the way we hope.

It still happens,

And what we gain,

Is forever lasting,