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Chapter 1: The Sleepover

"We're still going to your house tonight, right Xena?" asked Justine.

"Yip," she replied, "What time you guys coming?" It was the weekend and the girls had decided to have a sleepover to celebrate the last weekend of freedom before they started studying for exams.

"Well, we have orchestra until 3h30," said Lauren.

"So, we'll be there around 6pm if that's okay," Clover, Lauren's twin sister, continued.

"I can still get a lift with you, right?" Zaynab asked them suddenly.

"Of course you can, you do live right next-door to us," Clover replied with a smile. She usually asked at the last minute so she knew it would come sometime.

After finalising all the different times that they would arrive, they started to discuss movies to watch.

"We are not watching Halloween, it is just disgusting!" Clover argued.

"It's not that bad, besides you slept through most of it last time so you need to watch it again," Alex replied. "Otherwise, I can bring Mirrors, Fragile or The Descent."

"NOT THE DESCENT!" exclaimed Justine, Lauren, Aneesa and Clover. That movie was not worth going through again.

"Can't we watch The Scarlet Pimpernel?" asked Justine meekly. She really hated horrors. Only Leo (Leonora) agreed with that one and then the bell went, sending them all to their respective classes.

"Just bring whatever movies you feel like," Xena told everyone as they checked their timetables to see where to go next. "And don't forget your money for pizza."

Clover nodded and smiled to show that she'd understood and then went off to Afrikaans. She was okay at Afrikaans, meaning that she could understand what was going on in the lesson because the teacher, Mevrou Pretorius, spoke only Afrikaans during the lesson. She spent most of her time whispering translations to her friend, Carolyn, who sat in front of her and wasn't very good at the language.

The rest of the day went on as usual. Music was next and then it was the end of school. Well, for most people. Lauren and Clover still had to go to orchestra practice, which was a bore. It'd used to be fun, but ever since the previous orchestra conductor had been replaced by a young, just-out-of-university, inexperienced conductor, it had been a quite dull.

After one and a quarter hours of practise (it was supposed to be only an hour), they finished and went to wait for their mom.

"I hope Alex doesn't choose movies that are too scary," Lauren said.

"Ja, me too." This was followed by a silence, which for most would be awkward, but for them was a time to think. They were very close and didn't need each other's voices to fill the space.

Just then, the white Citroen came into view, and they picked up their bags and instruments. As Clover put her bags into the car, she noticed a squirrel on the tree right next to her staring at her intently. Amazed at the animal's braveness, she nudged Lauren, but it had already climbed up the tree into the foliage. She was still staring at the tree, when Lauren poked her and brought her back to reality.

"That squirrel was looking at me so weirdly," she said.

"Ja, just as weirdly as any other squirrel would. You probably look really stupid without a tail." Lauren laughed at her little joke, and Clover decided to just dismiss the experience as mere coincidence and climbed into the car.

"I book the couch," shouted Zaynab before pouncing on it and stretching out.

"And where are we supposed to sit then?" asked Justine.

"On the floor or the mattress," she replied, but after Justine gave her her puppy stare she gave in and curled up with her feet underneath her.

Justine immediately seated herself next to Zaynab. "See, no one can resist my looks."

"For that," Zaynab then said, " you can sit on the floor," and pushed her off the couch.

Clover laughed and took Justine's lost place. The small room was hardly big enough for all of them and Leo was sitting on Xena's lap. Lauren and Justine were sitting by Clover's feet and Raheema was lying down next to Leo and Xena somewhere. Aneesa hadn't arrived yet and Alex was sorting out the DVD player.

"So, are we watching a scary movie first then, while it's still light?" asked Alex, taking out her massive pile of horrors. "I brought quite a variety so you guys can choose." She'd watched all the movies already but apparently she loved watching it with her friends because she could see their terrified faces.

"Why do we always have to watch a scary movie?" complained Justine.

"It's boring otherwise," said Xena. "Come, let's watch Mirrors."

Alex inserted the chosen DVD and they watched the movie.

Afterwards they told ghost stories.

"Do you guys know that this house has its own mysterious history?" asked Xena.

The girls shook their heads.

"Well, about 15 years ago, before we moved here, there was a fire," she began.

"Wow, a fire. How interesting," interrupted Justine.

"Oh, shut up. There's more." After waiting for the her friends to quiet down, she carried on with her story. "As I was saying, there was a fire. The cause of the fire was never really determined, but it was said that it was arson."

"What's so interesting about that?" asked Justine.

"Shhhhhh…!" everyone shushed her.

"The only person who was in the house," continued Xena, "was an old woman who the townsfolk thought to be crazy. She had eight cats and a hooked nose. Yes, it does sound like a fairytale," she answered Justine's unasked question "but I'm just telling you what I heard. She loved water, for some reason, because you could always find her swimming in the lake no matter how cold or dirty the water was. One day, a girl was seen walking up to her house. One of the townsfolk tried to stop her but she said that she needed to know. Know what? I don't know, but she went into that house…"

"And was never seen again? Mwahahaha…," interrupted Justine again. "Oh, how predictable. I thought you said it was scary."

"No, for one I didn't say it was scary and secondly that is not how the story goes," exclaimed Xena.

"Shall I hold her down and put masking tape on her mouth so that she doesn't interrupt again?" asked Leo.

Xena laughed. "No, I don't think so. The story's almost done."

Justine settled back against the couch with a grumpy look on her face.

"Where was I?" asked Xena.

"She was about to enter the old lady's house," Clover answered.

"Oh, yes. Thanks, Clover…or Lauren… whoever." She could never tell them apart. "She entered the house and according to an eye-witness, she came back out looking different. She looked older. Not older as in more mature. She went in looking like a normal teenage girl and came back out as a middle-aged woman."

"Boy, that has really got to suck," interrupted Justine again. Everyone glared at her.

"As for the old lady," Xena continued, "she never came out of her house again. A week later, there was a fire and the house was burnt to the ground with no sign of the old lady."

There was silence in the room.

"So, who's next?" asked Justine, breaking the silence.

She was so impatient! Clover pounced on her meaning to tickle her until she gave in to her, but as they rolled away from the couch, the floor disappeared from under them and they were falling. Clover looked up and just before the trapdoor closed, she saw Xena's face looking down on her in shock.

"Help!" she screamed.

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