I lay down into the twelve-and-a-half inch thick glass case and nodded to the doctor. I know what is to be done. I wince as the needles dig into my body at every major blood vessel. I feel the cold mixture of the glucose and saline as it mingles with my blood. I feel the stir of air as the gaseous mixtures of OxygenW²Nitrogen³, a chemical so cold it can reach below 0° Kelvin, or absolute zero, is pumped into the chamber, displacing the regular air and freezing my body in a state of suspended animation. I know what is to happen after I am plunged into my sleep. The needles are removed and the holes in the glass casket sealed. I am monitored day in and day out. My chamber is checked for cracks, bad welds, and leaks every hour.

I am an experiment in longevity. My name is Michael Mitchell and I am a five-star general in the American Army. My resting place is in a top-secret medical base in Tampa, FL., near the desalinization plant. I am set to sleep for ten decades. I was selected for my survival instincts, my abilities in combat, and my stamina.

What the military never found out about was my true lineage. Merlin was my great-uncle. His powers were transferred to me after he died. I haven't explored them since I came into the army, preferring to depend on my "human" abilities. Now, as I sleep, I kibitz with my great-uncle in my subconscious, letting him teach me the knowledge that will end up saving me in the end, for no human could possibly survive this idiocy, not if they wanted to come out of it in one piece.

I sleep now, frozen in time along with another magician, a woman whom I know nothing of. Maybe a friendship will develope after this, maybe a new challenge. Most likely, though, is the inevitable war that has long existed between magicians the world over. It has killed family and foe one knows how the war came to be, but memory flashes exist, and they keep it going. I have killed, but now, hopefully, I can help stop this ridiculous war between the sexes.

I must leave you. To learn; to commune with both my uncle and the unknown female; to find a freind in an otherwise mortal enemy. I have ten decades, I just hope it is enough.