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She takes her time with the little things.

"Would you hurry up?" He moans, grumpily, from the behind her.

"No." She snaps.

"Why?" He childishly whines.

She keeps up on current affairs.

"Because it has to be perfect. It has to be like Britney's."

"But you're already perfect." He whispers softly into her ear. He kisses her neck.

"Aww," She coos.

"Ow! You didn't have to hit me." He grumbles, rubbing the spot where she hit him.

She goes back to perfecting her already perfect hair.

She wears red when she's feeling hot…. Prada is what she wears.

"Did you know you look really hot in that dress? You should wear red Prada more often."


Loves Prince, she's his biggest fan.

"You can just sit on my bed and listen to Prince."

"But I don't wanna."

Loves music, but hates my band.

"He's better than your stupid band."

"That hurts Katy. That hurts. You shouldn't make fun of your boyfriend's singing skills – cause you and I both know that they are awesome." He declares confidently.

"Then, Baby, sing for me."


"No?" She raises an eyebrow at him. He knows that she has a temper when she doesn't get what she wants.

"Yes, no."

"Don't start with me Denny." She growls.

"I'm not. I just don't want to sing." He explains while toying with the strings on his hoodie.

"Sing for me Denny." She pleads.

She's stalking towards the lanky man, strewn across her bed.

"No." He replies tonelessly. He wants to stand his ground for once.

"Do it." Her temper is rising.

"No." No budging.

Fist fights turn into sex.

"Damnit Denny! Don't make me punch you out again."

Denny lazily throws an arm over his eyes. The baggy sleeve covers the parts of his face that aren't already covered in his thick brown hair.

"Oh, please don't. The fans wouldn't like you very much if I told them that." He says in his sarcastic, yet amused tone.

"You wouldn't tell your pwecious fans that a wittle girl hit the big, strong Denny Madden. You'd go through ten fights if as long as we had make up sex afterwards."

Denny whips his arm off his face and sits up.

"So what if I like sex. Duh! I'm a guy and you're a very, very beautiful girl." He starts in a normal voice and ends in a very husky voice.

He stands up, invading Katy's personal space. She doesn't like it too much. Denny invading her little bubble only adds lighter fluid to the fire.

"I'll sock you Babe." She rasps out. The close proximity is messing with her mind. He's making it hard for her to fight.

He leans in closer and grabs her hands, intertwining their fingers together. She looks uncomfortable. Squirming, her fingers are finally relinquished.

Not big on holdin' hands. But that's alright cause I still got her.

She loves to keep me guessin'.

"Sure you will, Katypoo. – For the love of God! Will you quit hitting me?"

"Katypoo!" She screams hysterical.

She smacks him again and again.

"Don't. Smack. Ever. Smack. Call me. Smack. Katy. Poo. Smack. Smack. Again. Punch."

"KATY! Quit hitting me!" He roars.

She steps back, frightened. He rarely raises his voice, except for, of course, his wonderful concerts. Not that she would admit that she secretly likes his band. She'll quickly add that Prince is still her favorite.

He stalks over to her. He towers over her, smirking. He suddenly grabs her shoulders and smashes their lips together. Soon clothes are falling off and they are tangled in the sheets.

She looks best without her clothes.

They both are panting. Her head is laying on top of his chest. He's tracing erratic patterns on her bicep.



"Sing to me."

He sighs, but she knows that he's smiling. His fingers travel into her hair. They mindlessly weed through the tangles.

I know a song it's the way it goes.

"Oh, she makes me feels like shit. It's always something. But I can't get over it. She thinks it's nothing. Cause she's everything I ask for. Everything I ask for. And so much more."

He sings softly. It's his favorite song. Whether she chooses to acknowledge it or not, it's their song. And he wrote it just for her.

"I still don't like that song. The girl's a bitch." Katy states.

"She's not a bitch. She's just got a bit of a temper. That's all. I love her even with all the hitting and demeaning comments."

"Aww," She…awes.


"For the love of God, will you please quit hitting me?" He cries in pain.

"No, Denny. If I did, then I wouldn't make you feel like shit."

He thinks about that for a moment.

"I don't know what she sees in me, but I can't get over it. But I'm happy that she's happy now that she's with me. And I'm freaking out cause I'm just so lucky."

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