I love someone who's oh so dear,

He's great and cute and always near,

I think of him all day and night,

But when I told him, it wasn't right.

He'll never love me the way I love him,

We'll never be together with happy kin,

So I am sad and lonely and depressed,

Cuz he doesn't love me, i gave my best.

So here I stand and there he is,

So close but never really his...

I want him near to kiss and hold,

But instead alone I will grow old...

So I'm in love with him you see,

But i have to let him go be free.

Cuz no matter how hard I try,

A relationship he'll never by...

We are so close and oh so dear,

I love how he is always near.

But never enough is how I'll feel,

Cuz I'll never experience, his love for real.