When I got to my front door, I opened Oreo's car and stepped out. I glanced at Oreo and let out a soft bye and quickly scurried to my door.

He grabbed my arm first and said, "Hey, not gunna invite me in? Not a very polite host are you?"

I rolled my eyes, "Invite you? Puh-lease!"

He shook his head, "I drive you hear and the least you could do is invite me for a snack or something..."

I grumbled a defeated fine and he beat me to my own door. "You know, if I didn't know you, I thought you would have been not excited." He said, ruffling my hair.

Oh what? I am so not easy to figure out. I smacked his arm and said, "I am not excited! I'm annoyed actually."

He chuckled, "What, annoyed that you can't keep you hands away from my hot body?"

I laugh at that and have him enter my house. Everything is neat and orderly, except for Larry. He runs around squawking.

Oreo picks him up and says, "Ahhh, the rumors of the chicken house has been confirmed." Then he winked at me. He put Larry down and sits on my couch, putting his feet on the table. "Hey, where's you're remote?"

I smacked him again, "I'm not a good host? Well you aren't so polite yourself Mr. Guest!"

He smiled and brought me on the couch with him. "Yeah, but you love it."

I rolled my eyes, and felt I have rolled them so much that the next time I roll them they'll roll right out!

He smiled at me, and found the remote. Before he pressed the button, he said, "Hey, Kris, got any chow chow for me?"

I frowned, "What are you, a dog?"

This time he rolled his eyes, "Look girl, I need some cookies. Now."

I was confused, cookies? "Ummm, sorry, I don't have any."

"No, let's make them! Just get a recipe from online, and then we can make them. I made them with my sister Sarah last week and it tasted awesome!" God, he was so excited he sounded like a girl! Sorta creepy...

"Okay..." I got on my apple computer and searched cookie recipes. "Here's one Oreo!" I showed and he nodded.

"Let's get cooking!"

We started the recipe by heating the oven. He was about to touch the flour but I smacked his hand away. "Oreo, wash your dirty boy hands, seriously, I have no idea where those has been!"

He laughed and said, "Oh baby, but you wish!"

We laughed together and started. We threw in eggs, got some milk and the usual. Then I felt a whack of flour hit my cheek. I slowly turned my head towards Oreo to find him biting his lip so he wouldn't laugh.

"Excuse me? Care to explain this?" I pointed to the flour stain. He burst out laughing. He was laughing so hard that his clutched his stomach.

For pay back I sprayed him with egg yolk. "How does it feel huh?"

He wiped it off with his hand and stared at me, his green eyes declaring war.

We threw bowls of flour, eggs, and cups of milk. He slapped my with a whisk, I hit him with the spatula. We were throwing stuff at each other, laughing the whole time.

In between breaths, I said, "Is-breath-this-breath-how-breath-your-breath-cookies went-breath-with your-breath-sister?"

He laughed and fluffed my powdery hair. "Yup, except she ended up crying that I threw an egg down her shirt. And, I know you would never cry in front of me."

I smiled, and then I actually noticed that the kitchen was a mess. That my neatness alarm didn't ring. That I wasn't having a complete meltdown because the floor had flour all over it. I broke out laughing and stared in to Oreo's eyes.

I then made a choice, wherever this may take me, even though I'd probably end up breaking up with him and breaking his heart, I leaned in and softly pressed my lips against his.

Sorry, this one was so short (not like all the others weren't...) but this one was especially short. But I promise to make it up with an extra extra long one next time.

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