The world goes on, and who's to care?
One lonely sentence, "Life's unfair,"
An unfair life behind steel bars
Some twisted fate for lovely stars.

You're out of reach, like fantasies
You dream of quite unworldy things
But beauty is what beauty does
So who's to say what readers love?

It's quite the truth that poetry
Is simply what you wish to see
A memory is a storybook.
Life's climax is a killer hook.

You'll drop me if you're on your knees
So grasp the bottle tightly please.
I'm fragile, as your state of mind
Just take a sip, we'll hold the tide.

A word so wise, a threat so true
To dare not let me falter you
A drop of wine, a spot of tea
To drink to me, drink to me.

Oh, give in to your sick desires
A sober night dares not retire
You're human, you need no excuse.
Your nature's wicked, that's the truth.

Put down the bible in your hand
Accept that you're a normal man.
As any God who wrote that thing
Would also like to see you drink.

Some inexplicable arrest
The wish to openly detest
Religion's shackles as they bind
One's soul, heart, sanity and mind.

An evening thrown by liquor's eye
A room that spins with severed ties
Your hand outreached with water there
To sober such a night unfair.

But wine may much more satisfy
The weary, weak and desolate mind
Two eyes that need your help to see
So drink to me, drink to me.