He knew I wanted him. I never made it too much of a secret. Well, I guess I did for the first three years of our friendship. But soon it got so unbearable, the need for him. I couldn't hide it anymore. I flirted shamelessly. I touched him when I could. I made it obvious, too obvious. I knew it all changed the day that I looked into his eyes after one of those shameless flirtations I mentioned. He got a wicked gleam in those blue eyes of his. The look told me that he knew. He wasn't going to do anything to stop me either. In my mind it was an accomplishment. A brilliant, indescribably accomplishment. He wanted me too.

A month went by with my flirting before he finally started to respond. I was ecstatic. We used cheesy pick up lines on each other, cuddled constantly, never doing anything more than that. We hung out almost every day. We both worked, but we found time. And even with the flirting it never made our friendship weird at all. If anything, we became closer as friends before the next step towards lovers.

Then the day came that he kissed me. We were wrestling and he pinned me down and kissed me. My oh my, what a kiss. I knew he had tons of experience, I was no novice myself. I loved kissing people. But not as much as I loved kissing him. His tongue in my mouth, his lips devouring mine… It was absolute perfection. I left with my body shaking in excitement. I always though I'd have to be the one to make the first move, but the fact that he did it had me being the happiest girl in the town probably.

But then, things got weird. We didn't hang out for almost a week after that kiss. We both became too busy for each other. Before we made extra effort to make time, but now our efforts were half hearted, or his were at least. So I made my decision. I snuck over in the middle of the night. I climbed out my window and into his. He was snoring softly and had dark circles under his eyes. I suddenly felt bad for coming over and went to make my way out of his room. But I tripped over a random object, his room was always trashed. He shot up and looked at me.

"Viv?" He asked, using the shortened version of my name. I smiled weakly.

"Hey," I clasped my hands together in front of me, fidgeting.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, looking over at his clock. It was one in the morning.

"I wanted to see you," I said lamely. I glanced up at him to see that wicked smirk on his face. He beckoned me to him. I slowly made my way over to him, careful as to not trip on anything. When I reached him he pulled me into his arms.

"Now that you're here, what are you going to do with me?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. I shrugged. He sighed and laid back. "Well I guess we're just going to lay here all night then," he said with a shrug. I wanted to ask him what the kiss meant to him. I wanted to know if it meant anything at all. But words failed me. He had basically told me I could do anything I wanted with him. And there was six foot five inches of body to touch. If only I could force myself out of my shell to do it.

He laid there, unmoving. I knew he wouldn't. He had made the first move last time, he wouldn't do it again. So I made the first move, and that's all it took He kissed me amorously. He quickly removed me of my shirt and soon the rest of my clothes followed, along with his. I had never done this before, I had only ever wanted him. But he showed me, he taught me with gentle words just what he liked. He brought me pleasure as well, teaching me in a way, what my own body liked. It was a night of pure bliss. And when it was over he held me close, running his hands down my back lightly. He kissed my head, my cheek, my nose and mouth. He held me until I fell asleep and woke me up in the morning with another session of love making. I was infatuated.

But that was the only night of bliss I was going to get. He found himself a girlfriend after that night. Someone who looked almost exactly like me, but she wasn't me. Our friendship eroded and I held tightly to that one night that I gave myself fully to my once best friend. I had no hard feelings after the first week went by. If I didn't see him or talk to him I was okay. I had an epiphany about a month after it happened. I knew what he had done. He knew that I wanted him and, being the best friend that he was… He gave me himself. He bestowed upon me a gift. More than one gift now that I think about it. Not only did he give me himself, if only for a night, he showed me how I should expect my future partners to treat me. He showed me the pleasure that one's body could feel. He awoken my desire.

And even though I lost that friendship, not completely, but it was nothing like it was before… I had all that I ever wanted for a few brief hours. It was the best gift that I could have had.

Okay, that was a really short one shot and I'm not sure I like it. I could have gone into way more detail because this sort of situation happened to me, the guy and I don't speak anymore after like five years of friendship. Though the situation is mostly fiction, a lot of the things that happened to Viv really hit home… This is kind of my "letting go" story now that I realized what really happened and what was going on in his head. Anyway, let me know what you think. Thanks.

P.S... This is definitely not my best writing. It was done in a total of twenty minutes or less. So I don't expect much praise on it hah.