Tick Tock. That ticking was really getting on my nerves. The ticking reminded me how much time has passed and how much time has been wasted. It reminded me of all my past wrongdoings and enlightened me about all my right ones. My past flashed through my eyes like an end-of-my-life moment. But the best memory of all was when my family decided it was time for a big family reunion.

I remember when I got a call from my Tia (Spanish word for aunt) Nena on a hot summer day in the beginning of July. The call was brief but enough to get me overly excited. My dad's family lived in Plainfield, NJ, roughly 45 minutes by car. A call from one of the three usually meant a big family reunion was happening. Depending on the weather and day, we would do different things such as, a barbecue for the summer or a picnic in the fall. This year was a barbecue.

I remember being tortured during the drive to Plainfield by my parents; they decided to blast 70's music. I don't necessarily have anything against 70's music but the music they were playing just wasn't the type I could bop my head to. To try and drown out the awful music playing, I put on my headphones and blasted my music. While doing so I couldn't help but be happy and excited to see my family again after a whole year. Every year is different because everyone has grown a year older and always has new stories of different things, new friends, new experiences, just great new stories from each individual.

We got there, finally, after getting lost once or twice. I saw my family's cars lined up in Tia Nena's narrow driveway while others were parked across the street because there was no room left. As soon as we were parked, I opened the door and dashed across the street and was about to ring the doorbell of Tia Nena's house. But my little cousins beat me to the door and piled on top of me. It looked sort of comical like a football player in a pileup. When everything settled down, meaning my finally breaking free from the little ones, I went to greet my aunts and uncles and other cousins who were mature enough to not attack me.

Since my parents, brother, and I got lost and took so long getting there, the food was ready. Everyone was waiting until we got there so everyone could eat together. Everyone piled up at the dining table and started to dig in. The food consisted of mashed potatoes with rice and steak. When I finished eating I noticed a pretty amusing sight. Most of my family wasn't finished with their food and from my perspective it looked like they were a bunch of ferocious dogs fighting for food. After trying to stop my silent laughter I excused myself and went downstairs where the rest of my cousins, who finished eating, were staying.

After everyone finished eating everyone went into their own respective age groups since everyone wanted to play or chat with people of their age. I, of course wanted to see my Tia Paola; there was something strange about her. I went to talk to her and started asking questions but I couldn't quite figure out what it was but something was different about her. About an hour later of trying to figure it out, I noticed what was different. She was practically glowing, which she later told us it 1`was because she was one and a half months pregnant. Everyone congratulated her and wished her the best.

Finally after stalling for so long by playing with my little cousins, it was time to leave. It was hard on everybody because I wouldn't be seeing them for another year or so. Some kisses and hugs were given and even some tears as we said our farewells. I tried to stay positive on the drive home. When I visit again I will have a new cousin and there will be even more new stories, from people who are a year older and wiser.

Okay ?