A/N: This story came into being in a random conversation between my twin, Lauren, and a friend, Yu-Jean. It might sound a bit confusing but it was fun nevertheless. Enjoy!

(Lauren, Rosy, Yu-Jean.)

Meany look directed at Rosy, it pierces right through her until she is nothing more than jaw breaking galactic dust...

that floats into lauren's mouth, choking her and suffocating her until she dies a painful death...

but reawakens as a vampire, only to destroy the dust until there is nothing left to do anything with...

but dust can't be destroyed and it is compressed and space is added until it forms a human again, then Rosy gives Lauren a big hug!

OH NO! Screams Lauren! She managed to struggle out of Rosy's suffocating grasp and moves slowly and surely towards U-J. AAAH! THE RAIN HAS COME TO TAKE ME AWAY!

however the rain steals lauren from Y-j and keeps her hostage forever and ever and ever but rosy saves her and they live hapilly ever after THE END...

or not...


the happily ever after ended when U-J decided to find the sisters and lock them away in pandoras box...

BUT deep down in Rosy's make-believe "happy" world, The screams of torture from poor Lolly is heard "I'll come save u!" screamed Lolz

While locked inside pandoras box...

The five L's jump out, together with hope and run for their lives (which they lost when they became immortal)

Pandora's box was a dark place but Rosy was able to escape with Lauren and Lolz and Lolly and they enrolled into the witness protection group thing

wait a moment...theres a lolz now?


But Lauren and Lolly and Lolz escaped from Rosy with the help of Lol

but since no such thing existed, U-J evilly and mercilessly chased after them

and they reunited with Rosy and lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER

theres lol now too?

There's Lauren, Lolly, Lol, Lolz and me!

then y-j and u-j turned good and everyone lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER

But ran away again to find their only ally me (who i don't yet have a name for)

or not...

but then they all got back together again and lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Or yes...

lolly agrees! yay!

so, U-J, Y-J, Lolz, Lol, Lauren, Lolly and me, ran away from Rosy and ysor

they ran away to find a doppelganger of U-J waiting for them

who was good and joined them

Oh no! Shouted Lolly

I broke a nail

We have to turn the doppelganger evil again or the balance will be gone

"OMG I have split personality too!" realized U-J and Y-J at the same time

So lolz stepped forward. "Be evil!" screamed Lolz. And it worked. "Wow!" she exclaimed. "It actually worked!"

...but then she realises it didn't and everyone was good and lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER

wah! ROFLMAO! awesome story

and they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER

OK WOMAN JEEZ! they lived happily ever after. happi?


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