Romeo and Juliet Rewrite

ACT 5: SCENE 3 Late that night. The churchyard that contains the Capulets' tomb.

(Paris enters with Page who carries flowers and a flashlight)

Paris: Give me the flashlight and go! Stand over there and wait while I go see my Juliet. Wait! Put it out! It's too bright. I will be seen! I want to see Juliet in peace, no interruptions. Now, stand watch, whistle if someone comes this way. Don't let them disturb me with my dead bride.

Page: As you demand, sir.

(Page goes to the far side of the stage, to watch, Paris kneels in front of the tomb. He lays the flowers on the steps)

Paris: I will mourn my Juliet forever.

(Page whistles)

Someone's coming!

(Paris and Page hide, Romeo enters carrying a crowbar and the poison)

Romeo: I will open your tomb and lay beside you Juliet. You think death will let you escape from my love? No! I will be with you even in the afterlife.

(Romeo puts the crowbar to the door of the tomb and attempts to pry the tomb open)

Paris: *whispered to Page* It seems that the Montague's Romeo is a little less than sane. Speaking of love for Juliet! They were bitter enemies! She clearly favored me in her heart!

Page: *aside* I think these two are both a little less than sane!

Paris: We should wait and see what the fool does.

(Paris and Page stay hiding)

Romeo: (Romeo notices the flowers on the steps) What's this? Flowers? Who, other than me, visits Juliet even in death? It doesn't matter; soon they'll have two bodies to visit. (Romeo continues to pry the tomb open finally succeeding)

I'm coming Juliet!

(He walks forward into the tomb)

Paris: Come on Page, we need to follow; I don't think that the Montague has healthy plans to carry out inside the tomb.

(Page and Paris follow Romeo into the tomb)

(Romeo is walking just ahead of Paris and Page, towards Juliet's casket)

Paris: Stop! Don't go near Juliet! She doesn't need a Montague, one of her most hated enemies, defiling her in death. (Romeo spins around to face Paris, caught off guard by Paris's shouting. They stand in front of Juliet's casket, the lid is up neither man notices)

Romeo: Who are you? Why are you stopping me! I'm here to see Juliet one last time.

Paris: I am the man she would have married if she was alive. I am Count Paris, blood of the Prince and groom to Juliet. Today our wedding turned into her funeral!

Romeo: You her husband-to-be?

Paris: Yes!

Romeo: Don't make me laugh. I am her, now widowed, husband!

Paris: And I'm supposed to take your word on this? You? A Montague; her only hate?

Romeo: Who else's word do you have?

Paris: No one else's. Just say, that I take you at your word, then, I would ask you why?

Romeo: The only reason that would make sense.

Paris: And that reason is?

Romeo: We were in love.

Paris: That's a laugh! I would believe you if your reason was to stop the blood between your families, or if it was simply to spite your parents, or a thousand other reasons; but for love? That I can't believe.

(Paris throws a punch at Romeo, they fight)

(During the fight Juliet wakes, she hears the ongoing fight and sits up, she stares in horror at what she sees, both Paris and Romeo are bruised and bloodied, both are barely able to stand)

Juliet: What are you two doing?!

(Romeo and Paris both stare openly at her, Romeo drops the poison from his hand onto the floor)

Why are you staring Romeo? You knew that I was only asleep. But why is Count Paris here? Why not at home mourning my loss?

Paris: Are you really alive?

Juliet: *sarcastically* No, I'm a ghost.

Romeo: (Walks toward Juliet) You're okay? Really?

Juliet: Yes, my Romeo, I'm fine. You should know that already. Why don't you? The Friar should have written you a letter. Didn't you get one; one explaining the situation?

Romeo: No I never got a letter of that kind.

(Romeo and Juliet embrace)

Paris: (sinks to the ground) To find out now, after she agreed to marry me that she was pledged to another, it's a disgrace. Do you care that little for me anyway Juliet? To find out that you would betray me that way.

(Paris picks up Romeo's poison, he drinks it, he has Romeo and Juliet's complete attention)

*to Juliet* This is so you can't disgrace me anymore.

Romeo: What are you doing?

Juliet: What did he drink?

Romeo: The poison I brought to kill myself with in the event that you weren't alive. *to Paris* You will be dead in moments, if you have last words speak them now.

Paris: The only last words I have are: Romeo you have wasted your life, when the Prince catches you, you will have forfeit your life anyway. And Juliet will follow after you. Congratulations you have an extra few days.

(Paris dies)

A rewrite of Act 5: scene 3. For English class.