Blood Reign

She was the enigma that he was determined to figure out. While he was the one she was hoping to avoid.


She licked her lips nervously as she gazed upon the old building of Greenwood Academy. Students were filling in left and right, while ignoring her very existence. She contemplated on turning back and trying out for another school, but then all that would defeat the purpose of the plan. Gripping her backpack she took deep breath as she followed the others inside.

Her eyes searched for a familiar face or at least her classroom. Clutching her schedule to her chest she gasped when she felt someone collide with her. Eyes widening in panic she open her mouth to apologize but was cut off.

"Don't worry about it."

She opens her mouth to say something but the boy laughed and patted her head. "Really, I didn't get hurt so why are you apologizing?"

"Out of habit I guess." She smiled sheepishly as she turned to leave when she felt a tug at her jacket. "Yes?"

"You seem lost." He pointed.

Frowning she sighed. "Is it that obvious?"

"Just a little." He nodded as he took her schedule and gave out a bright smile. "Well great news on your behalf."

"Are you in my class?" She brightened, having at least someone to talk to.

"No, but I do know where your class is." He answered as he led the way, completely missing the disappointed look she put on.

"That is good news." She muttered trying to seem happy.

"There's nothing worry about, the people here are pretty friendly." He reassured her as he stopped in front of a door. "Go get 'em."

"Thanks." She said as she got ready to go in but then held out her hand. "My name is Amelia."

"Léo, nice to meet you and I'd advise sitting in the back corner." Léo said as he took her hand to shake.


"This teacher has a tendency to say too much too fast and things tend to fall out of his mouth and onto your skin…if you catch my drift." He smiled as Amelia shot him a look of disgust.

"I'll do that." she said as she entered the noisy room and made her way to an empty seat at the back. No one paid any mind to her and that was just fine. Whoever said the first day was going to be easy?

"Hey, is this seat taken?" A girl asked politely.

"No, go ahead." Amelia said as she gave her a smile.

"Thanks, I heard this teacher can be pretty gross when he talks." She admitted.

"Funny, I heard the same thing." Amelia said as they both began giggling as the door swung open to reveal an elderly man.


They sat in front of one another staring at the checkered board in a calculative way. The man lightly bit at his nails while his partner sat back twirling a piece of her hair. Raising an eyebrow she cleared her throat as he shot her a glare.

"If you're not going to play-"

"I'm thinking, be quiet." He ordered as he went back into his concentrated state.

Rolling her eyes she got up. "Well I'm bored, have fun playing against yourself."

"You're just afraid of loosing." He stated smugly.

"Hardly, it doesn't matter what you do, I will always have you beaten." She told him. "After all I do have the power of sight Marcus."

Disappearing into the shadows he frowned as he looked at the board. He was shocked at the clear opening she had and cursed. "I hate it when she's right."

Footsteps could be heard from behind his but Marcus didn't bother to turn around.

"How is she?"

"She started school today; it would be nice if you'd given her a piece of advice. You know how nervous she gets."

The man behind him sighed heavily. "You know I can't do that."

Marcus shrugged and stood up. "I'm going out."

"Are you not going to finish your game?" He asked him.

"Didn't you hear? I lost." He answered while ignoring his father's echoing laughter.


"Freedom!" She announced as she raced out the door towards the tree. "Amelia you're so slow, pick up the pace."

Amelia laughed as she brushed back her bangs. After their first class they had found out that they had a lot of classes together. Vanessa Di Carlo was the kind of girl who loves to talk, very opinionated, loud and had a habit of talking with her hands. With her olive coloured skin, long black hair and hazel green eyes she was the type of girl who lives life on the edge.

"There isn't really anywhere to go." Amelia pointed out.

Vanessa stuck out her tongue. "Don't burst my bubble. God, I'm so hungry."

"Shouldn't we head to the cafeteria?" Amelia suggested.

Vanessa waved her off. "It's too crowded in there, beside breath in that fresh air."

Amelia laughed; the day was almost over and was glad that it didn't turn out to be unbearable. Her next class was history and apparently her teacher was really nice and loved her subject a lot. The only downside was that Vanessa wouldn't be joining her seeing as she had English.

"Good to see somebody is happy around here."

Jumping a little a smile crossed on her features. "Léo, how are you?"

"Does the need to hang myself mean anything?" He said as he ran a hand through auburn colour hair.

Amelia cringed as she offered a sympathetic smile. Looking next to her she saw Vanessa looking at her quizzically. "Well does it help to know that you were right?"

"Right about what?" he asked.

Tugging Vanessa closer she smiled. "This is my new friend Vanessa Di Carlo; we met in anthropology this morning."

Léo had a blank look but it soon curved into a smile as he wrapped an arm around Amelia. "Well I'm just thrilled right now; usually my enthusiasm for success doesn't come true. People always come back looking at me with murderous looks."

Vanessa and Amelia both looked shocked. "It's that bad?"

Léo laughed. "The whole ordeal is actually quite funny."

The girls laughed nervously when suddenly they heard a lot of giggling and heightened voices. The trio had curious faces as they followed the noise to see a whole circle forming around one being. His hands were stuffed in his pockets as he let his dark green eyes roam over them all. His expression was serious and one could tell that he rather not be here. The wind played with his unruly dark locks as well as his clothes as the girls caught a glimpse of the package that lay beneath.

Watching him by the sidelines Amelia was amazed at how upright he stood. His aura was definitely intimidating; he was not one to be swayed by stupidity. His face never looked to the sides; they stayed focus until he disappeared into the doors of Greenwood.

"New kid?" Vanessa asked out loud.

"Not exactly." Léo smiled knowingly as the girls awaited him to continue. "I'll see you both around."

He left before they could question him further. "Sly man that Léo." Vanessa noted as she turned to Amelia excitedly. "Let's go investigate!"

As soon as she said that the bell had rang. Vanessa cursed and let out a pout as Amelia linked arms with her and followed everyone crowding inside.


It was unbearable.

He was planning on not coming, but his father insisted he stop 'cowering' in a corner. This school was his territory; everyone knew that he was not one to cross. He didn't associate with anyone and like to keep his matters private. Nominated mysterious male of the school the girls flocked to him endlessly. Sitting on the last step of the stairway connecting to the sixth floor he allowed a few minutes of peace before catastrophe hit.

"Why so glum chum?" a familiar voice asked.

"I thought I told you to leave me alone."

Stepping around him Léo grinned as grouched down in front of him. "Does little Demi need a hug?"

"Not from you, I thought you were still in Brazil."

"Faith works in wondrous ways."

Rolling his eyes he let out a long breath and looked to the ceiling. There was a vast silence that passed between them until he grew fed up and looked at him. "What do you want?"

"Aren't you going to ask about my day?" Léo questioned.

"Are you ill? Since when do I ask you about your day?" He inquired in an astonished tone.

"Well it's something you dear fiancée is wondering. She hasn't stopped talking about you and it's driving me mad." Léo confessed.

"Sorry to hear that." he said but his voice was lacking sincerity. Standing up he went to the door. He knew that sleeping through class was impossible since his watch dog had arrived.

"Demitri, do try and behave this time around." Léo said.

Turning his head to him briefly he allowed a smirk to appear. "Don't I always?"

Once he was alone Léo titled his head to the side and glared at the wall. "I don't know why you bother hiding."

"And I don't know why you insist on making me seem like a lost kitten." She replied as she materialized from the wall and narrowed her eyes.

"It is what you are after all, chasing after one who has no interest, really Desna you always claim to be so much smarter."

"Shut you mouth!" Desna growled her eyes burning a bright red. "He knows of our destiny together."

Léo snorted at her delusional fantasy "Then tell me Desna, why does treat you like a piece of dirt?"

Desna was quite and Léo could see her claws itching to tear him limb from limb. "When I become queen, you best watch yourself Léo. You're first on my list."

"And seeing as that won't be happening I'll enjoy mocking you." Léo smiled easily. "You should get to class; a controversy could arise if the school's president is late."

Sticking her pointed nose in the air she walked pass him as he continued to laugh.


"Now what do you think suits me best, green or black or red?" She asked him as she held up three necklaces.

"I don't know, just pick one already." He gritted out as he caught a few giggling girls looking their way.

"Now Marcus, is that anyway to treat little sister?" She asked putting her hands on her hips.

"Absolutely." He replied flatly.

"No wonder you don't attract any candidates. No one likes a ruffian anymore that is so middle Ages."

"I didn't ask for your opinion now did I Katarina?" He growled.

"Oh I know, but I thought you'd like to know what a certain amber eyed, short haired vixen had to say."

At this he cheeks reddened slightly. "What are you implying?"

"Dear brother, we're not blind to your growing fondness of the northern chief's daughter. I must say though, your taste is not too bad. I can't wait to see the end results."

"Katarina, you're tone is very inappropriate."

"Marcus, I know what sex is. Also I happen to know you that you'd be more than happy to sink your claws into-"

"Get the green one and let's go." Marcus cut off as he turned to walk out of the shop.

Laughing she did as she was told. Sometimes it was just too easy to rile up her brother. She couldn't wait till her old friend came down for a visit, which will only increase the delight. Walking up to the counter she presented her articles and gave the cashier a sweet smile.

"26.40$ please." He gulped.

"Is that so?" Katarina asked looking at him with pleading lilac eyes. "I thought I saw it for less."

The boy began to shake as she leaned forward and he caught a glimpse of her mounds from the v-neck of her violet colour blouse. Taking a strand of her ink colour hair she bit lightly at her lips.

"I-I guess I forgot about the newest memo."

"What was that memo" She asked as she glanced at his name tag. "Vincent."

"You're our fiftieth customer and it's free." He said in one gulp.

"Aren't I lucky, thank you Vincent." Katarina said smoothly as she winked before leaving him staring at the sway of her hips.

Rejoining her brother she ignored the disapproving look he shot her and carried on.

"Was it that necessary?"

"He should know better than to listen to a pretty face." She smiled. "Before I forget." She then threw him a box.

He gave a confused look as he opened it and saw the green necklace she held up to him before.

"Not my style." He told her as she came closer and hit him on the forehead.

"Obviously, something for you're girlfriend and I hope next time you'll be more articulate." Katarina said.

"Thank you." he grumbled as he followed after her.

"The pleasure is mine, seeing as this does come with a price." She added. "I hope you're arms are up for it."

"Manipulative bitch." Marcus growled as he followed after her.


She glanced at the clock and it was as if it was frozen. The course had started off on a good note but now, it became strange.

"Breath in…and now…let out all the negative energy." Her teacher instructed as she sat crossed legged on the desk.

Everyone looked at one another with confused expression. They wondered on the point of this exercise but complied nonetheless. Suddenly the door swung opened and in came a familiar figure.

"Nice of you to join us Mr. Demitri, take a desk and join us in our cleansing." She told him with her eyes closed and everyone wondered how she knew that.

Not bothering to say a word he took a seat in middle and closed his eyes. Amelia opened her eyes slightly to look at him. She was in awe at the paleness he presented as the soft glow of the sun bounces off him making seem eternal to the rest. As if feeling her gaze he turned his head to direction but she quickly closed her eyes to not be caught.

She tried to steady her heartbeat and hesitantly opened them to see him staring at her. His face with without any emotions and that began to unnerve she looked away and closed her eyes.

"Okay class I think that that's enough." She announced as everyone took a seat. "Now to our new comer, welcome my name is Sheila and don't worry you didn't miss much, but I do hope you'll come on time form now on."

Demitri nodded as he leaned back in his seat.

"Good, now class history isn't just about facts. In my class when I saw we're really getting into eras, I mean we're into eras. Meditation is great art practice all around the world, a form would do to prepare for the after life should it arise.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to embark on a deep journey through time, I'll bring in lots of my treasures to help us to better communicate the time. I'll need you all to participate of course and yes, my method might seem a little edgy but we'll have a great time." Sheila said happily as some of the students looked intrigued.

A hand went up as a shy voice spoke. "Will there be school trips involve then?"

"I'm so glad you asked, because I'm currently planning them and if you're all game then why not!"

Once she said those words chattering erupted as everyone started to feel excited. Amelia smiled gently at the thought and hoped that she could bring some outside this class along. Her classmates looked friendly enough and perhaps she'd be able to make a friend but soon her smile vanished when she noticed a pair of eyes looking at her.

Amelia looked behind and around her to make sure she wasn't going crazy. Gulping she looked down hoping he'd look away, instead he smiled slowly and turned away. A shiver passed by her as she waited eagerly to let out.

Sheila walked to the door and opened it and turned to her classroom beaming "Now since this is the first day, I don't have much to teach you. Therefore my little butterflies I set you all free!"

Cheers echoed in the class as everyone gathered their stuff and ran out. Amelia hastily got her things together not wanting to be last, unfortunately things didn't go smoothly a she saw a figure in her way. She took a step to the right but so did he. She moved left but once more he intercepted her.

"What do you want?" she asked.

He titled his head to the side allowing dark strands to hide his eyes a bit as he took a step forward.

"Very peculiar."

Amelia was confused by his words and was even more shocked that he kept advancing on her. It was like a dance as he came forward she step back and so it continued until she connected with a desk and had no choice but to lean on it.

"What's peculiar?" Amelia inquired.

He didn't answer though as he placed his hands next her hips closing off any space between them. Leaning forward he smelled her hair and allowed his eyes to close momentarily. Amelia pushed her head back and held her breath at his intrusion of her personal space.

"Could you take a step back please?" She asked in a shaky whisper.

He opened his eyes as hers widen at how dark they looked now. Gripping her hips he pushed her until she slid onto the desk and gently massaged his cheek against her own. Her heart was beating rapidly at this point but she refused to make a sound. Slowly his cheek left hers as he continued his inspection downwards to her neck.

Lightly pressing his lips against the creamy column he smirked at the goose bumps that he created.

"Very peculiar." He repeated as his thumbs began going in a circular motion at her hips.

"What's peculiar?" She demanded quietly.

He left her neck to look at her as he gave her a slow secretive smile. "I don't know." His fingertips light traced her jaw to her chin and up to her bottom lip. "I just don't know." Pushing away from her his hands went back into his pockets as he turned from her and began to leave. "But I plan on figuring it out."

Once she knew he was gone Amelia let out a breath. Her legs felt like jell-o and didn't bother to go on them. She heard a faint vibration at her side as she shakily reached for her cell phone inside the pocket of her plaid skirt.


The voice on the other line was worried as Amelia looked at the falling of sun.

"Sorry Grandma, I didn't realize how late it was getting." She said. "Yeah, I'm coming home now okay?"

Muttering a goodbye Amelia got her things and hurried out. Tomorrow she would have to just change out of her classroom. It was no secret that Demitri was an odd one and if she wanted peace of mind she best fix the problem.