Blood Reign

She was the enigma he was trying to figure out while he was the one she was trying to avoid


He had been awake for sometime now, lying on his bed staring up at the ceiling. His room was completely dark; expect for the glow behind his curtain being the light of the sun trying to come in.

It was the same every morning and each time he fought an internal battle with himself. Lifting his arm he clutched the fabric of the curtain determined to open it and allow the rays of sunshine to glide across his empty room. Licking his dry lips his whole being shook with anticipation to see whether or not he was going to do it. One pull was all he needed and he would be free.

Closing his eyes he readied himself when a knock interrupted him. Glancing behind him he said nothing but the being on the other side knew very well he heard him. Sighing he let go of the curtain and once more a feeling of absolute failure emerged. Another knock soon followed as he stood up and opened the door and glared at the creature before him.

"Young master, you have been called to the study." The short old man said keeping his head and eyes down at all time.

"Is that all?" he asked gruffly.

"Yes young master." Was the reply he received before the door shut.

He waited until he heard no more footsteps before balling his fist and punching the door angrily. Running a hand through his dark locks in frustration he got ready. He knew it was rude to keep him waiting for too long.

Leaving the confinements of his room he descended the spiral stairs, those who walked passed him bowed their heads in respect but he acknowledged no one. Reaching the study he knocked lightly.

"Come in."

Opening the door he entered the room and closed the door behind him.

"You've summoned me?"

The man before him did not face him as he continued to gaze at the picture of beautiful woman. "She had hoped for so much." His voice wistful, yet the young man kept quiet knowing that it was best to let him go on uninterrupted.

Then a deep dejected sigh was let out as the older man turned to face him. With snow white hair that hung across his left shoulder, ice blue eyes pierced him. The man had pale skin, yet his face held strong features. No one could not deny their connection nor that did they share the same blood. The man who has been called a devil on many occasions and lived up top that name and those who spoke his name knew that Malachite, king among kings, was not a threat one should ignore.

"How good of you to come Demitri." Malachite said in a low whisper while giving him a soft smile.

Demitri rolled his eyes as he took a seat on a near by chair. "Why have you called for me my lord?"

Malachite took a few steps forward, yet not over crossing the distance they had in the room. "I am merely curious as to how things are developing; I hope you have not had any problem."

Demitri sighed; he wondered why his father made useless conversation like this. He knew that he was being constantly observed, and if there were any problems those leeches his father called servants would report to him in a blink of an eye.

"None at the moment, but I suppose you already know that." Demitri replied calmly.

Malachite said nothing as he continues to stare which caused Demitri to feel a tad uneasy. "You know," He said finally, "our family has been around for a great deal of time. Yet, despite everything I do think we are a product of repetition."

Demitri bit the inside of cheek to keep him from lashing out. He already knew where this conversation was going; it was the same he was forced to endure throughout his years and one he could forget no matter how hard he tried. Nevertheless the minute his opened his mouth he was met with harsh eyes.

"Demitri we've discussed about interruption have we not?" although it came out as a question, Demitri knew an answer was not required.

Smiling at his son's obedience Malachite continued. "For years our ancestors had wanted one thing, yet because of all the complications it could never had been achieved. However, in this life we can now move forward." He cast a look to his son and deep within his eyes it was filled with a sort of crazed happiness. "It's time that we put the past behind us and rise as one race instead of two and only then can we obtain true power."

Demitri looked away; it was almost comical how in each time line the ambition one's father is still overbearing, and like anyone else, escape did not come so easily.

"That is why Demitri, you will be the one to accomplish our life long mission." Malachite said in a ureic tone.

Demitri stood up when his father was finished; it was annoying to hear his pointless blabber about their forbidden dream. It was one that his father had embarked on as well and did not stop even after he met his mother. It was maddening the hear all the things his father aspired from him but what Malachite failed to see was Demitri could careless and hoped that he would not need to find her. Because then…they would truly be in hell.

The door creaked behind him as Demitri glanced back to see the old man from before peek in.

"My lord, general Kiosk has arrived."

Malachite nodded to him and turned to look at his son. "I suppose this the end of our interaction."

Demitri could not be all the more relieved, bowing down he made his way to the door but stopped when his father spoke up.

"Demitri, as you know failure has never been acceptable," he said nonchalantly.

"I have noticed."

"Then you must know that for your sake…you best not disappoint me." Malachite said in the end but Demitri was already out the door.

His foot steps echoes through the grand mansion and against the marble flooring. A home is supposed to bring about joyful memories, warmth and security. His on the other hand was far from that. It was an establishment where constant business went on. Those who reside within this place were envious and filled with malicious. Each out to deceive and bring about another's fall and it was also a reminder of the lack of honor in his world.

"I wasn't sure if you were still around or not."

Demitri scowled as she came out of the shadows, she pouted trying to seem innocent but he knew that those wine red eyes of hers showed different.

"What do you want Desna?"

She walked up to his slowly and wrapped her arms around his neck; he did not though bring her closer his arms stayed at his side as he looked at her with narrowed eyes.

"This is not the way to treat your lover Demitri." She told him.

Taking her arms he pulled her away. "I don't recall ever referring to you as my lover."

Desna smirked. "Funny, I thought those days in your bedroom said otherwise."

This time it was Demitri who smirked as he captured her chin between his fingers. "Then I suppose those times have made you amnesiac. Because as I tell you each time Desna, any type of love between us will never be possible, for I loath everything about you as you do for me. We are fulled by mere lust which yet you are convinced is more than that. In short Desna you sicken me but your body does not and thus why I tolerate you…have I made myself clear?"

The moment his words were heard the look of satisfaction she was experienced quickly diminished while he gave her a triumphant look before walking away from her. He did not acknowledge the hurt that she must be experiencing because throughout the centuries that he knew Desna, he knew that she persistent. This, like any other time was just a mere road bump and that soon enough she would devise another plan to make him hers.

Once he was outside he winced at the brightness that fell upon him. Any other time he would cower away from the sun's sight, thankfully his ancestors did make use of their time and now they need not to worry about the fiery ball in the sky. Stretching his arm out he still waited for his skin to sizzle and his body to tremble with unbearable pain.

Yet nothing happened.

"I can assure you that it's not going to rain my friend." A joyous tone said.

Turning his head to the side he was surprised to see Léo there grinning like a fool.

"Léo the role as my shadow has already been taken so why is it you have not ceased following me around." Demitri said tiredly.

"Well if I didn't then you'd do something you'd regret and you'd be even more annoyed afterwards." Léo answered as he followed his friend leave much to his displeasure.

Demitri scoffed at his answer. "We both know that my attempts have failed all too many times and I've learned that there is no escape."

"No need to get all angst-like" Léo told him. "It looses its appeal after a while and you my friend have played the card too many times."

Demitri did not comment as he went off about something else. The two had known each other for too long and Léo would be considered foolish not to have notice the pressure his father puts him through. Thus why he stays by his side, because although he knows that Demitri is strong, evil was stronger. One slip was all Demitri needed to do and if he would let himself be conquered, there was no stopping him from what he might do.

"Léo are you listening?" Demitri enquired stopping in his tracks and looked upon him with a raised eyebrow.

Shaking out of thoughts Léo laughed as he wrapped an arm around his shoulder. "But of course I heard you" he said but Demitri was not convinced.

Staring over to the other side he saw a young woman alone by a park bench. From where he stood he could hear all her troubles and desires and he noticed that no amount of make-up could conceal the puffiness from her eyes. At that moment a slow smile made its way on Demitri's face.

"I know what you're thinking and let me tell you it's a mistake, besides its too early for that kind of business." Léo warned him but as soon as he said it grey clouds started to make their appearance.

A rumbling sound echoed up in the sky as Demitri chuckled. "I'll be seeing you around Léo, takes some notes will you?" Léo was ready to interject but Demitri had already crossed the street and began striking up a conversation with the woman.

"Demitri you fool." Léo said quietly as he shook his head and wondered off.


Back at home Amelia and Vanessa lay on the carpet floor of her living room laughing uncontrollably. In her earlier years Amelia couldn't remember bringing any friends back home, only because she always had difficulties making them. Also, judging by her grandmother's reaction it was true.

"Just so you know I'm going to be here very often." Vanessa said as she took a piece of apple into her mouth. "Your grandmother's food is just as good as my nonna's"

Amelia laughed. "I'll give her the compliment, but honestly Nessa we need to get back to work."

Vanessa stuck her tongue out. "Come on Amelia, we have the whole weekend to do it."

"Yeah and when the weekends comes I want to remind you about the one who will be on up late at night struggling to finish. However, if we do it now none of that needs to happen." Amelia chided

Vanessa was silent before sighing and pulling the book in front of her. "I hate it when you make sense." She grumbled.

It was at that moment that Amelia's grandmother Juliana came in taking a seat on one of the chairs and picking up the remote. "Sorry girls but the news is my obsession and I never miss a bit of it."

At that notion Vanessa's eyes sparkled. "Don't worry about it, I love the news too."

"You mean you love dogging doing your homework." Amelia whispered but Vanessa waved her off as she focused on the screen.

When the reporters face came into view one already knew that something serious had just happened.

"Several weeks ago Leah Arlington had gone missing, the young woman was last seen leaving the local library but when she hadn't come home everyone thought the worst. Police had been searching everywhere for any sign of her and now, one month later she has been found but the outcome is anything but joyful.

Police discovered her body inside a garbage disposal; so far no clues have been except for deep making at the side of her neck, further information the investigation will follow."

The three of them stayed silent when Juliana clapped her hands and stood up "I'll get some hot chocolate, Vanessa why don't you call your parents and ask if you can stay the night?"

"I'm freaked out" Vanessa confessed. "I wonder what killed her."

Amelia turned to look at her. "What do you mean what?"

Vanessa shrugged. "Didn't you hear; there were markings on the side her neck, so it's got to be some sort of animal right?"

"I wish I knew."

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