This is my life. These are the things that keep me up at night. This is a compilation of the world and a map of the illusion that I call reality.

Critique it if you wish.

The world is beautiful; every moment is a treasure. The beauty of the world is its impermanence - nothing will ever be the same. Sure, you can take a picture of the sea or the sunset, or even a stunning rock formation or a birthday party, but nothing can ever capture it. Paintings come closer, but they are still so far away that it hurts. The exact arrangement of atoms making up this moment will never be the same, and that hurts, too. The best you can do is enjoy the moment and realize that everything is changing.

It's odd that the only permanent thing in this world is change.

My baby brother likes to play with building blocks. I put them together, and he takes them apart. I sort them out carefully by color and size, and inevitably, they all go back in the box as chaotic as before. I try my hardest to make these sculptures symmetrical, but he always tries to place a red block sideways where a yellow brick should go.

Envelopes are never the right size. No matter how many times I attempt to buy envelopes, somehow, I get the wrong size every time. I end up having to pinch the paper in ways it should never be pinched so that it fits inside the wrong envelope.

Maybe it's always a case of "The wrong place in the wrong time."

I love order. I love chaos.

The Butterfly Effect is much, much more than a not-so-hit motion picture. Most people know what the theory is, but few know what it means.

Late at night, The Butterfly Effect scares me. It should scare everyone - unless you're like my alter ego, in which case it is the most delightful thing in the world.

Like everyone, I am two people.

I have two sides, two faces. The fun fact worth mentioning here is that my faces blend together so much that it is nearly impossible to tell them apart under normal conditions. It is only during internal disputes that my two halves separate and become less than one.

United we stand, after all.