I don't see what's so awful about pain and sorrow.

What else could make happiness so joyful?

The key to life is balance.

Find a happy medium.

Take the middle path.

Most things have opposites. The entire purpose of an opposite is to make both of them stick out more, and seem more themselves.

Without darkness, what would light be?

Without cold, how could we know heat?

Without madness, we would take sanity for granted.

The number two is really quite odd.

It is the only even number that is prime - its factors are one and itself. Any other even number is divisible by two!

Two is symmetry. Humans are considered more beautiful if they are more symmetrical.

The laws of the universe support balance.

The laws of motion. Newton postulated (and was observably correct) that every force has an equal and opposite. This isn't just physics, it's life. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. All things have consequences. Call it karma if you wish - it's close enough, I suppose. It's the butterfly effect. It's everything and it's nothing.

The laws of thermodynamics. If two things are placed next to each other, one hot, one cold, in a short amount of time, they'll both be lukewarm. Heat goes from places of high concentration to places of low concentration - heat moves from hot to cold. This is to make the universe more balanced, but at the same time, increase disorder. The entropy, the disorder of the universe is always increasing. While things may seem to be more ordered, without work to put them back in their place, they will become inherently disordered.

If you spray perfume in the corner of a room, it will disperse throughout the room in the same way that heat does. At first, it's concentrated in your nice and smelly corner, but eventually, it will become so thin and spread out that you can't even smell it anymore. This is increasing the entropy of the universe.

If a small (say, so small that you can't see it without a microscope) fresh-water critter is placed in salt water, or vice-versa, it will die. This is because the universe wants balance.

The concentration of water on one side is greater than on the other side (since salt is taking up a portion of the water). Or you could say that the concentration of salt on one side is greater than the concentration of salt on the other. Either way, the water will flow from high concentration to low concentration, leaving our poor paramecium to either explode from the water pressure, or shrivel up and die from dehydration.

Balance is a beautiful thing.

Here's a bit of romantic nonsense to brighten up your day. If you've ever taken an English class, you'll also know that it has a "deeper meaning," but for now, just let the words wash over you like a river.

"Sun and Shadow"

"The shadows are long
But the light loves the sky
Without the other
The first shall die
Take the middle path, he said,
Walk it strong and true,
My heart can't take the stress, he said,
Of living without you.
When the sun, the brilliant sun,
Shines upon the land,
The yin amongst the shadows
Can gain an upper hand.
And when the moon, the opal moon,
Will chase the sun away,
The spark inside will brighten all,
And night will turn to day.
Take the middle path, he said,
But be my other side
The yang within my heart, he said,
Can into you confide.
And all the sun and shadow
Could never be erased;
For when he said he loved me
It all settled into place."

By yours truly. Can you really believe it?