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Chapter 12: Dreaming of you

"Hey. You look nice."

'Oh, my God.' It took Allen only one look at Lucas to realize that maybe, well, most likely, it wasn't going to be his night. Nevermind the fact that Lucas was, by all accounts and purposes, a great looking guy; after all, Allen felt he couldn't exactly blame him for that, since it wasn't his fault. Nevermind that Allen turned into a babbling, clumsy nerd most of the time when he was around Lucas, since the object of his affections was such a cool guy and everything. That couldn't be blamed on Lucas, either. But the other two things that stood in Allen's way most certainly could be held against Lucas, and Allen did so with utmost glee. One, the guy had deliberately dressed to kill: there was no other explanation on why he'd go out with Allen wearing tight, fade-blue jeans and a green T-shirt so perfectly molded on his upper chest, Allen was certain he could see every line of that sinful body. There was no way Allen could get through tonight without making a fool of himself. Add to that fact number two: the kiss, that perfect, delightful ( well, except for the fact that Lucas was drunk and didn't remember a thing of what happened) meeting of their lips that Allen simply couldn't drive away from his head, and one had a perfect recipe for disaster. As far as Allen was concerned, he was doomed to fail.

"ugh…thanks, uh…hmm… you look, ugh, nice, too. Yeah. Ahem." See, coherent, right? 'Somebody kill me right here on the spot before I lose any more of my dignity. What little is left to lose, anyway.' Lucas' grin did nothing to alleviate Allen; but it did cause Allen's mouth to go dry .

"So… are you ready?" Lucas leant against the doorjamb and stared at Allen with an indulgent smile. Allen could actually smell that heady odor that was purely Lucas. He closed his eyes for a split second and his tongue darted out to lick his lower lip in an unconscious gesture, before slapping himself mentally.

"Yeah, sure, ugh. All ready to go."


They climbed into the car, where Allen proceeded to stare down at his hands, furtively glancing now and then at the boy currently driving. He was just so painfully handsome, Allen couldn't even begin to realize why Lucas would want to spend time with him. But there they were, obliviously driving towards the cinema, where they were about to watch a movie together. It was one of those great mysteries of the world, Allen supposed, while observing how a lock of Lucas' hair kept falling into his eyes.

"I don't bite, you know. " Lucas smiled cheerfully at Allen, before turning his eyes back to the road. His smile turned wicked. "Not unless you ask me to."

Allen blushed ten thousand shades of red. "So… what movie are we seeing?" His maneuver for trying to change the subject was so obvious, it was really kind of pitiful, but Lucas just grinned and let it go, a fact for which Allen was profusely relieved.

"Well, truth be told, I haven't chosen one yet. I thought maybe we'd decide once we got there." Allen was simply too cute, shy and skittish as he was.

"Ah. It's…it's okay, I guess. " Allen tried for a small smile, but he had the feeling it had come out more as a grimace than anything.

"So, tell me about Allen. " Lucas figured that the best way to make Allen relax was to get him to talk. Though now that he thought about it, making him talk about himself might not have been the best idea. Maybe.

"About…me?" The squawk let Lucas know that, yeah, it hadn't been the ideal solution. But he wanted to know about more about Allen, and what better way to come about it than straight from the source?

"Yeah. I already know you're smart, kind, patient, you like tutoring, you're passionate about mythology and stars, you're shy, you have your alternative universe that you inhabit half the time, and you have two really good friends, that would probably stop at nothing to keep you safe and happy. " Lucas looked at Allen for a fleeting moment, before turning his eyes back to the road. "Well, three, really. Musn't forget Daniel."

"Uhh… what else is there to know? That's kind of it about me. " Allen deliberately chose to let the subject of Daniel go, since it was obvious Lucas didn't really like him. More so, Allen was too surprised by Lucas' words to actually think of anything intelligent to say. He didn't feel that smart at the moment.

'Oh, come on, Allen. There's so much more to a person than that; beliefs, ideals, philosophies, targets in life, so on, so forth. " Lucas let out a chuckle at the panicked look on Allen's face. "But we'll start small. For example, favorite movie? And by the way, change of plans, we're eating first. I know a place. "

"Uh, okay?" Allen was dazed. That Lucas really wanted to know all that about him, it was heady. He felt like in the middle of a whirlwind, always taken by surprise. He couldn't anticipate Lucas, and it was both thrilling and scary.


"Well, what?" Huh?

Lucas laughed out loud as he pulled into the parking lot of a small, cutesy diner. "See, you spaced out again. "

"I'm sorry." Allen could have bet his life that his cheeks were set aflame.

"Don't be. It's cute. " Lucas ginned as he cut the engine, and turned around to look at Allen. "I like to think of you as a friend, Allen. And friends should know each other better. And, more to the point, they should feel at ease in each other's company. Relax, stop worrying so damn much. "

Allen looked into those green, green eyes and thought he had no choice but to agree. Those eyes left him with no choice but to agree. It wasn't like he could deny anything to Lucas. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, to calm down both his nerves and disappointment. A friend. But he had to get used to the idea.

"Sorry, it's just I… I thought you were mad at me." He twisted his fingers together and bit on his lower lip. " I was afraid you wouldn't want to talk to me anymore, after the way I acted. "

Lucas sighed. "I was mad. Still am a little. Mainly because I don't understand why you've started to avoid me. But I was glad when you called today. " He smiled a little and touched Allen's entwined hands. "I figured you'll tell me eventually, on your own, since hounding you around hasn't worked all that much."

I can't very well tell him that he kissed me and I was upset he didn't remember. Allen looked down at their joined hands and decided on a half-truth. " You're doing really well with the schoolwork, you don't need me anymore. And I figured … maybe you were bored and annoyed to still be saddled with a tutor you didn't want in the first place. "

"Do you not want us to be friends? I thought maybe…"

"It's not that, Lucas. Of course I want us to be friends." If that's all I'm going to get. "But you… you're the cool, popular, talented sportive that everyone likes and admires and I… I'm the shy, geeky, invisible guy that has nothing in common with you. I figured maybe you're not too fond of being seen with me. "

Lucas was amazed that Allen would have such a low opinion of himself, or that he'd be so aware of these stupid unwritten rules that govern the high school life. He didn't give a damn what others thought about his choice of friends. He played basketball because he liked it, not because it made him popular. As to why everyone liked him, he couldn't say, since he didn't speak with anyone all that much except Casey.

"Ok, Allen, listen to me. I greatly enjoy the time I'm spending with you. It's so easy to be around you, because I don't have to be something I'm not: not the cool, tough guy, not the popular jock, just me. Talking to you comes…natural, maybe because you're not quick to judge. You're a great listener, and a great friend, a thing I'm sure your own friends would happily attest to. You're smart and fun to be around. I don't care who sees me with you, because I'm not ashamed of having you as my friend. They should be so lucky, to have someone such as yourself by their side. "

"But…" Okay, Allen time to take a leap of faith here. "…everyone suspects I'm gay. "

"Everyone knows I'm bisexual, so it's not like you're besmirching my reputation by association."

"You are?" Allen asked stupidly. This was news to him. He'd never suspected, never dare hope that maybe…but no, better not go there. Even if Lucas liked boys, didn't mean he'd ever go around to liking him. So it was better not to build up false hopes and have them crushed later on. Lucas had said it, they were friends, and nothing else.

Lucas laughed and flicked Allen's nose, in a gesture that had Allen inwardly glowing. "I keep forgetting you long since lost touch with our dimension. I don't know if I should be pleased that you don't listen to rumors or hurt that you haven't been paying attention to me. " He winked and open the door on his side. "Come on, let's go inside or we'll end up spending the night in the car. "

As they got out of the car and headed into the diner, Allen thought that spending the night in the car would have been okay, as long as he was with Lucas.

"So let me get this straight, you realized you were gay while watching porn with Daniel?"

Allen's cheeks were beyond red, they were positively ablaze. He didn't know how he'd got round to saying that to Lucas, but there was no taking that back now. Lucas had asked him about his friends, and most particularly Daniel, and Allen had simply tried to make Lucas understand the price he put on his friendship with the hyper boy. One thing led to another, and…

"Well, yeah, but we've… Daniel and I, we've never done anything… I mean…" That earned him another chuckle from Lucas, who was regarding him with a fond look.

"Stop being so damn embarrassed, a story involving you, your revelation about your sexuality and Daniel was bound to be hilarious. "

Allen sighed and let a small smile unfurl. "I guess, though I would have liked it to be less embarrassing if possible. "

"Don't sweat it, it's not like you'll be going around advertising about it. You can tell me things without feeling bad about it, you know. "

"I know. " Allen nodded at the serious look Lucas was sporting. "I do know, and I trust you, Lucas. "

The sincere smile he got from Lucas made it perfectly worth it.

"Good. " Lucas' eyes fell on the clock. "Holy shit, we've been here for three hours. " They looked around and realized the place was more subdued, less populated than it had been.

"Do we still have time for the movie, or…?" Allen hoped they did, he didn't want the night to end.

"I'd rather we went for a walk. It's dark outside, but since I'm driving you back home anyway…"

Allen nodded. Whatever, as long as he wasn't going home right now. "Sure. "

"Great. " Lucas pulled out the money to pay and growled a little when he saw Allen making a move. "I invited you, I'm paying. "


"I'm paying now. You'll pick it up next time."

They walked for a while, find a small, nice park a few streets away from the diner.

"I heard you being called to the principal's office today. Are you in trouble?" Allen looked worried by the prospect. He couldn't begin to phantom what Lucas could have done.

Lucas grimaced as he remembered. "Not really. It's the second part of my punishment for the last incident. " He winked at Allen and bumped him with his shoulder. " You were the first part."

"Oh. " Allen bit on his lower lip. " Is it something I can help with?"

Ah, ever the helper. Lucas smiled and shook his head. "No, it's okay. It's not something difficult or anything." They started walking back towards the car. " More like…annoying. I just have to babysit the new exchange students. "

"Ah, but that's great! You might actually see Daniel around there! He's one of them. "

Oh, the horror. Lucas gave a mock shudder and grinned. "God forbid. "

"He's not that bad." Allen couldn't hold the smile at bay. "Who knows, you might find you actually like him. "

Fat chance of that. "yeah, who knows. "

"You don't sound very convinced. "

"That's because I'm not. " Lucas opened the door for Allen to get in and walked around the car to the driver's seat. "But hopefully, we'll never get the chance to test your theory. "

Allen shook his head. "You're hopeless."

Lucas nodded and pulled out of the parking lot. "That I am. "

They chatted nonsense all the way back to Allen's house. No awkward silences, no hurtful slips of the tongue; just two boys feeling their way around their newfound friendship.

" I had a great time tonight, Allen. "

"Me too. Thank you for inviting me and for... forgiving my previous behavior. " Allen gratefully looked at Lucas, trying to fully convey his feelings on the matter.

"Allen…" Lucas brushed the back of his fingers down Allen's cheek. " You're an amazing person. Don't ever change. "

Allen was frozen. He was holding his breath, lest he chased away that amazing warmth, his blood had stopped flowing. He was, simply put, floored.

"I don't plan to change. " As soon as he answered Lucas smiled and let his hand drop down. Just before he stepped out of the car, Lucas stopped him.

"Allen. " Allen watched in amazement as Lucas leaned down and softly kissed the cheek he'd previously caressed. "Thank you. Good night. "

Somehow, Allen found the strength to smile as he got out. "Good night, Lucas. Sweet dreams." Mine will probably be full of you.