The Freshmen

"John... where are we going?" I whispered, leaning back against the seat of his small vehicle.

"We're going to our new home" He stated with a giant grin on his face. His fluffy brown hair flew around his hair in the breeze. Mine on the other hand, swarmed my face and made it hard to see. John said that my hair style was perfect for my face, but I hated the long hair when we lived somewhere it was so incredibly windy.

"Oh yea? Where's that... you know Dad's going to be pissed" I mocked, closing my eyes and pulling my hair from my face and watched it push against the seat in the wind.

Why did John have to have a top-less convertible? It made it so hard for me!

I looked over the side of the leather seats to the trees ripping past us, signs following and soon it was just rocks and cliffs with rocky water below. The bridge was said to be the strongest structure anywhere, but it made me nervous.

What if it suddenly collapsed?

John would suddenly turn into superman... and I would be screwed... Again.

John, bless his soul, was my savior and my brother. We were supposed to be twins, but was always the better one.

He was amazing at sports, he was great a writing, he was a part time model, worked in the library, he was couragous, sweet, and loving.

He wasn't even mean, which was hard to keep up with, he was perfect... and I wasn't.

I was good at Jazz and Latin dancing... that was it. So to put my mark on life, I took dancing lessons every chance I had, I did homework, danced, slept, ate, danced.

I love my brother but I wish he wasn't so amazing, but that's how he is.

Well, someone had to be perfect in my family. My mother left us when we were little, and I've only ever seen her once after that and that was on Virginia's Most Wanted. So I wouldn't consider it actually seeing her, but I saw her picture.

Then theres my father. I would love to say he was a drunk and abusised us. I mean, that's horrible, but at least he would be home enough to get drunk. I barely see my father, he's not what you would call a business man, but he's not a loser... I would call him a Mobster.

I see his lackeys more than him, and so when his son became a great person to the public eye as a goody to-shoes, he became so proud. The perfect cover.

However, Me? Psh!

"Scarlet" I jumped to look at John who was flickering concern towards me between the road and the mirrors. Even better was he was voted best driver too.

"What? Huh?" I whispered, looking to him with confusion.

"You were growling and glaring at the bridge" He chuckled, looking me over quickly before looking back to the road.

"Yea... I'm fine." I laughed, "You know me and my bridge issues" We both laughed.

That's when we pulled up into the courtyard that held the cars behind a closed iron gate. What was with the gate? Who was going to try and come in by car anyway, the open way was barely walk able to people.

"Here we are" he whispered, handing the keys to a boy in a monkey suit. He didn't look to happy, I wouldn't be either if my job was to park cars 24/7. I hate driving period.

"Yeap" I whispered, holding my suitcase hard in my hand and my book-bag clung to my back.

As we entered the large yard of the Academy I found myself inside a whirlpool of people. Information and directions shot at me so fast I could barely stand till I was in front of a door with a key and large packets and books stuffed in my bag.

"This is your room, your mentor will be waiting for you... Mentors are second years that have average grades and are dependable" The dull voice told me before escorting John away. I looked at him as he winked and walked off with his million dollar smile towards the near dead tour guide.

"Well... this is is" I whispered, opening up the door. I expected a perky girl who was brilliant and nerdy, someone who giggled alot. Or some kind of slutty acadmey girl who cheated off the nerds.


I unfortunately didn't read my Academy booklet well enough to see that I was the lucky recipiant of the only Co-Ed Mentor. So as I walked through the door expecting Perky and nerdy or Slutty and ruthless, I looked to the face of a confused boy laying on his bed in his boxers with the same expression I had on my face.