The Freshmen

Chapter Two:

I sat in the first period. When I first thought that First period would be great, I greatly forgot to look at what exactly the class was. I was horrible at everything, so what made me think I could succeed even with John there to help me.

Besides, guess who was my lab partner.

You guessed it.

"Why me?" I mumbled into the text book as I found Sam's name-tag beside my name. We had assigned seats. Great!

"Ohh, This ought to be a great year" Sam chuckled, joining the science lab with me.

That's right, I had advanced chemistry with John and Sam. John sat two rows up with his mentor, while I was stuck in the back with Sam-the-Devil.

"Why?" I cried once more as I slammed my book on the desk and leaned on my palms as the teacher came waltzing in.

"Good Morning, Welcome Freshmen and Welcome Returnees who took my Biology class last year. This is going to be a great Chemistry class, I can just smell it in the Formaldehyde that I have prepared this morning"

I wanted to scream at the teacher how utterly and massively wrong he was. I was the worst at science and Math, plus I had the ever so peppy and supportive room-mate beside me.

So much for being a wonderful Academy. John lied, but no matter what he did, he was still perfect for he sat next to his Mentor with a giant smile and was cheerfully talking to him and the teacher.

I grumbled and flipped to the page the teacher had written up on the board before looking to Sam who was doodling.

"Oh, great, your an artist too!" I Thought to myself, glaring at him through my thick black hair.

"Yes I am, so be quiet!" He snarled, glaring back at me. I jumped high in my seat before looking forward, did I say it outloud? I looked to my fingers and twiddled them. What now?

I already embarrassed myself, might as well pay attention to the teacher and the task at hand.

Teacher said: "Now take these notes...(Scribbles on the board)... Now with formaldehyde, all of you know is a preservative..."

Task at hand: Scarlet not failing.

I was so caught up in taking notes I didn't notice Sam staring at me till I dropped my pen and went to go pick it up and saw a glimpse of his doodle. More like an intensive sketch. Unfortunately, not all evil people are bad at everything.

This sketch was perfect down to all the shading and shadows, it almost felt like a photo taken. Unfortunately, again, it was of me.

I quickly grabbed my pen from the floor and began to scribble down the notes more and more with an easy to see concern and 'freaked out' look on my face Sam glared.

"Will you stop that, it's making it hard to concentrate" He growled, elbowing me hard in my arm. Leave it up to me to have my elbow easily hurt-able to the point that a slight nudge by a boney elbow made it go numb.

"Jerk" I Mumbled and looked to my notes and realized that they receive a drastic darkening and harder drawing, (as in I was pushing harder on the paper while writing).

He smirked as I huffed and attempted to write down the remaining notes, but I was confused, angry and did I mention confused?


Lunch time, it felt like it took forever and I was constantly going into the wrong classroom.

Good thing the bathrooms were clearly labeled or I would have surely peed in the mens room.

Sitting at the concrete like marble slab of a table, eyeing the ivory chairs with confusion, then to my plate.

"Lunch is delicious, dig in Scarlet" John moaned, eating the lasagna, but for some reason, the food just wouldn't reach my mouth.

"Is something wrong?" John asked, wiping his already clean mouth.

"No... I... Oh my" I looked up to the door way where a man came striding through the doors.

The most gorgeous man just came walking in, a smile on his face and men following in his footsteps.

"Who is he!" I whispered, leaning closer to see him but stopped myself as Sam came bursting in front of me with a growl.

"That's my brother... Bret" He glowered at the boy then at me, who grinned like a cat.

I found the best way to irritate Sam!

I would just bring his brother around alot, that didn't bother me in the least seeing as Bret was H.O.T. hot.

"What is on that sick mind of yours?" Sam snarled, arching a brow only to see John stand and cross his arms.

"Excuse you, but that's not how you talk to my sister!" Scarlet put a hand on John's shoulder,

"Hey, cool it tiger, Sam and I have a weird... relationship" Scarlet whispered in his ear and walked to Sam's side.

"He's such a joker" Scarlet patted Sam's shoulder as hard as she could without looking like she was, Sam wincing and glaring at her, "I mean... He is just... So... funny" Scarlet nearly choked on the words as she gritted her teeth.

"Still having Girl troubles Sam?"

Both Sam and I turned, and there he was. Adonis the sex god, standing directly behind me with a smirk plastered on his face. I could feel the heat from his body, and the cinnamon breath of his from his lips, I was so close.

"Oh... Hi" I nearly fell over but he put a hand on my lower back and grabbed my left wrist with his free hand, and pulled me back to my feet. If I ever had a blush, this one beat them all as he smoothed out my hair and made sure I was stable before smoothing out his own hair.

"No... Having STD problems yet?" Sam grumbled, crossing his arms and trying to be manly, but his slightly hot geek look didn't even compare to Bret's sex god, bad boy, look.

"Ohh, look who's being the child now" Bret mocked, putting a hand on My shoulder and smiling at me directly, "Now... Who could this cute little one be?"

I would have slapped him for calling me little, but I was so caught up in the cute part (Plus his smile) I just let my name slip out.

"Scarlet..." I woke up for a second, "and... My brother John" I pointed to Mr. Perfection who stood behind me in a brotherly protection-esk way.

"Bret" He stated, taking my hand and kissing my knuckles.

Cheesy, that's what I would have thought if I had the ability of thought process.

I smiled at him until he winked and walked away, his boys following him. Suddenly I fell into John's arms, panting for breath.

"Wow... fan girl much!" Sam sneered, glowering at me.

"What? Does wittle Sammy Hate his big bad brother?"

John looked back and forth between us as we bickered until the bell rang and I had to run towards class.


I stood in the gym, all dance practice attire and everything, looking for something to give me a clue as to which one was Gym 3, the dance studio.


I jumped and ripped around to a janitor who arched a brow at black leotard under my short red ruffled shirt, tights, dance shoes and my hair pulled up in a messy bun.


"The one on the left" He nodded toward the doors on the other side of the gym.

"OH! THANK YOU!" I shouted and ran towards the door, ignoring the loud clacking that was coming from my feet.

I nearly ran into the doors, thank god I couldn't stop and slid a few feet before I got to a complete stop.

Walking in as if no one saw me skid across the floor, I held my bag and the flier in my hand with uncertainty.

What if I wasn't good enough for the Academy?

"Who are you?"

"Scarlet...Johanson" I gulped, looking at my feet then up at the tall, extremely skinny, woman in black, skin tight pants, and a off white tank-top, her long blond hair tied up tight.

"You're the new comer...your brother told me you're into Jazz and Latin dancing"

"Jazz mostly but I like Latin too" I mumbled, handing her the flyer as she rolled her eyes and threw it over her shoulder.

"Show me what you got"

I looked to my bag then to her as she sighed, "I meant, show me how well you can dance"

I made an 'Oh' signal and threw my bag aside, and slid to the middle of the floor.

I don't know if there was any music or not, but I went into a full triple spin at first then from then on my feet danced out.

My dance shoes hit the floor at the end, but it felt like suddenly, all the gracefulness had escaped my body for I went to take a step and went into a full right split on the spot. And not a graceful one at that.

I rolled to my butt and back on my feet and smile shyly, "Sorry... when I stop, I loose my-"

"Shut it..."

I closed my mouth as quickly as I could, holding my hands behind my back and began to wring them out behind my back as I looked at the woman look me up and down.

"Okay... It's 300 for a month, that's only because of your choice of dance. You're practices are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday afternoons from 6 till 11, Come dressed like you are now, bring water and water alone, you won't be needing anything else" She stated, waving me off.

My jaw dropped but I grabbed my bag and rushed off, inside letting my stomach butterfly. However, that wasn't before I heard the voices of the others.

"What a weirdo!"

"Yea, Miss Sacrose, why are you even putting up with her? She's Jazz... This school hasn't done Jazz in years and doesn't teach Latin!"

"I am teaching her, now get back to stretching!"

I smirked as the teacher shut them up and made the large class of Ballerina's stretch futher.

I ran cleanly across the gym and through the doors, waving to the Janitor and running up to him.

"Thank you, so much!" I whispered out of breath as the Man smirked and patted me on the shoulder.

"Your welcome, I can see a new person lost in a crowd a mile away... besides, I met your brother, he's a charming young lad"

I let my head hand and nod, of course.

I loved John, but he was always going to be better than me.

"Of course he is" I whispered.

"However, the names Mcgonle... Mr. Mcgonle, Super Janitor, if you need something, Chances are I can get it for you... except drugs and alcohol"

"No... I don't do those... but thank you again," I marched away, suddenly the happiness drained from me.

John was always going to be better than me, I couldn't get it out of my head.