A/N: I've received emails of people getting memos that they had plagiarisedtheir work, when they hadn't. It had been copied from them. So here's a little short thing for all of, I know it's short and rubbish but just a little something to brighten things up hopefully. I only wrote this as a little short one piece, nothing is related to real life apart from people being falsely accused of plagiarism


4th June 2009 at 5:28pm


Bob was a new author and had just recently published his own book, about a happily ever after story that many editors liked and agreed to publish. It had been out for 7 months now and he had already started working on the next story.

Bob had been slaving over this new story for years, always adjusting the tiniest of things, adding a few extra little tweaks here. He was busy re-reading the same paragraph for the twelfth time that he barely heard the letterbox 'bang' as his daily post was delivered. He finished off reading the paragraph and left his seat to pick up his mail.

He sat back down, letters in hand and flicked through them one by one, stopping at one that had the return address of his editors. He dropped the others and opened this one immediately, quickly reading it wondering what they could possibly want. However, by the time he had gotten to the bottom his mouth was hanging open and anger was boiling in his blood.

"Plagiarism?!" He called out to the empty room. He had received a letter saying that his work had been plagiarised from somebody else's work, and that the author had requested a recall of all of his books and that a fine be paid.

Bob obviously wasn't happy with this and so decided to call them up. When he had asked them about the whole ordeal they had said that the author had published the book 3 months before he had. "That's impossible. I've never even heard of it." He told them but they merely told him that he must be lying and demanded that he doesn't call them again.

He was fuming over this, his first book to ever be published and they think that he had copied it from somebody else. As if he would!

He decided to look up this so called other author and found a direct link to a website, immediately looking down the list of published books to find that the same name of his book was on the list. "The cheek!" He shouted at the computer.

He was going to take legal action and decided to pull out the yellow pages book. He found a few lawyers, phoned them up to hear the same thing, "I'm sorry, I can't help you there."

He hung up the phone for the last time before staring at his latest work which was still on the computer screen. He then glanced at the letter he had received and an idea sprung to mind. An original one!

Months on end he slaved himself over a new story, determined to get this one printed and published. He also had a plan in mind to make sure that the same thing didn't happen with this one.

Around a year later, after many late nights and many early mornings, he had finally done it; finally put together a new book. He then added his own little touch to it and sent it off to a different editor.

A few weeks later he received a letter stating that his new book was to be published, and he was ecstatic.

A few months later, whilst he had gone back to his earlier story and his letterbox went again. He scanned through them finding one of his new editor and immediately ripped it open. It had said again that his new book had to be taken down and he would be issued a fine.

Bob just laughed and smiled to himself. He grabbed his car keys, grabbed the letter and drove down to the local bookstore, buying a copy of the other authors exact same copy of his book. He then went down to the local newspaper building, where they published newspapers and asked to see their editor. He told them, "I'm the plagiarising author," immediately earning him access to the editor.

He had an interview and was asked this question, "Why did you use their work and put your name on it?"

"I didn't, it's all my work."

"Can you prove that?"

"Yes" Bob answered producing the book of the other authors. He showed him the blurb but pointed out the part where it said that there were 2 secret messages hidden behind the lines. He then turned to page 253 and pointed at the little letter that had been written into the book as part of the story.

"What about it?" The editor asked and then Bob pointed it out. Down the side of the letter, the first letter of each line spelt out the following, "Bob Duncan wrote this book signed himself 3:46pm on Sunday 11th May 2009" The editor looked it over and his eyes grew wide with realisation.

Bob then turned to page 379 and pointed out a second letter, taking the first letter of every line it spelt, "Hannah Noam had plagiarisedthis story" Again the editors eyes grew wide with realisation. He thanked Bob for his time and Bob returned home satisfied.

The next day, the paper had proven that Bob was the author and that the other author was plagiarising his stories. He then received a healthy amount of compensation and a big bundle of letters all saying sorry to him.

He thanked the invention of 'Plagiarism' his official first book.

4th June 2009 at 5:57pm


A/N: If you review it'll be nice but I'm not totally concerned about them. Just so long as you have a little fun reading this. :) It was a stupid and crazy story, made up in the space of however long it says. I actually put the time on it that I did it so no one can say they did it first. Seriously, I haven't looked through any new stories, just wrote this straight after reading my emails. Damn the plagiariser