The Immortal


In a distant time, long after we are dead, a human will be born on the planet Earth who will pose a great threat to our way of life. He will travel the stars and bring destruction to us. He will look like every other man. He will walk like them and talk like them, but he will be fundamentally different. He will possess an indestructible body. He will come through devastating events with hardly any harm in which any other human would surely perish. He will be ruthless, an unstoppable force of evil in the universe. There is no way to kill his body, but there is a way to stop his essence of evil. We just haven't been able to figure that out yet. We are afraid for those who are alive when the time comes for him to exact his vengeance on us. We pray to the gods that he will somehow be stopped, but we fear there is no hope. We will leave behind all of the theoretical projects we are working on. Maybe they will be of some use to you down the road. We were the chosen few, the ones to start our race. We were given the knowledge and insight to warn us of this threat, but not the power to stop it. We are not destined for such glory, but you are. It will be a chosen few of you who will become the saviors of our race. You will bring us hope and deliver us from chaos. Best of luck to the future generations.

Braxon, Malvork, Dambrig, Ognius, Carshnin, Kralnik