Chapter Two

Trees are one of natures greatest works of art. Some can grow to be beautiful and majestic, hundreds of feet high and weathered by a gloriously long life. Other trees end up smaller but more productive, bearing various fruits and other sorts of ornamental growth. And other trees still serve no purpose other than providing shade and oxygen. Any way you look at it trees are something magical and some form of beauty can be found in all of them. Even in the bare reaching branches of a tree in mid winter, covered in snow, can have a delightful affect on a person. Alice Baker wasn't exactly what you would call an environmentalist or a tree-hugging hippie, but she fully loved and appreciated the beauty that all trees have to offer.

Alice grew up in the northeast part of Texas in a town called Colleyville. Some of her most cherished times she had growing up was when she would go on picnics with her family into forests from Dallas to Fort Worth and many places in between. As she got older she transitioned from hanging out with her family to going on weekend long hikes and camp outs with some of her closest friends. She was a natural born nature lover and in a damned good spot to enjoy her childhood. Mountains and waterfalls are great and all, but nothing could charm her like a forest full of Mother Natures finest.

Besides nature one of her other main interests was gymnastics, and to a lesser extent swimming. Alice was on the swim team and the gymnastics team during her high school career. She was a very good swimmer, but where she earned the bulk of her awards was at gymnastic competitions. She was a very limber and strong girl, which was something that simultaneously aroused guys and intimidated them. She was also an astonishingly beautiful girl, yet she hardly had any serious relationships, much unlike other girls she knew who would give it up to just about any halfway decent guy. She wasn't like most of the other girls. She was different in the best way possible.

She wasn't the smartest girl of all time but she made decent grades. High B's and maybe even a low A now and again. Except for the fact that her dad died when she was only four, she was a normal girl. Since her dad was gone before she really knew him that well her two older brothers took it upon themselves to look out for her. It got on her nerves often enough that her siblings were trying to act as a parent, but she was still glad they cared so much about her. She never caused much trouble for her family, like other kids in her situation might. She didn't rebel and run away or do drugs, she managed just fine without those temptations. Alice made friends with the kids who weren't out running wild on the weekends and getting in trouble with the authorities. She wasn't into that whole get drunk and party thing, she managed to have a different kind of fun that many people would never understand. She was a sweet and pure hearted angel by todays standards, which are qualities that led her straight to the love of her life.