Chapter Three

A few of years ago, 3 by the set of human standards, a being from another planet named Bashido took it upon himself to come to Earth and foil the ancient prophecy set down by the old masters of his planet from a long ago era. The old masters, also referred to as The Divine were the among the first sentient beings to roam the planet. They were thought to be primitive by some, but were widely regarded as wise beyond their time. They had insight and knowledge that could only be passed along by written word, for it was not carried on to the next generation. The prophecy they created was a simple one. One human male would be born with a special ability. This ability didn't have a name on Bashido's planet, but it was basically the ability to not die under otherwise deadly circumstances. He could be injured, but only with great effort, and even that would only hold him back for a short while.

According to the prophecy this special man would have the power to destroy Bashido's home planet. The name of his planet cannot be spelled out in human words, but the humans referred to the planet as Mars. The humans have a basic idea that Mars might have the ability to sustain life, but they have no idea what types of lifeforms are out there, or just how far evolved they are.
Bashido was a normal Martian who was susceptible to other Martians and Martian weapons, but he would be impervious to the feeble attempts of Mankind. Even the animals of Earth could do only the most insignificant damage to him. He would be a god amongst men and rivaled by only one, the man from the prophecy. He had been studying the human race for several months and figured out all the vital information about them he needed. He even made himself a very convincing human identity that would pass against any casual inspection. It included a Nevada state drivers license and credit cards under the name Johnny Samson. So after he swiped a very valuable item from the museum of The Divine he set off to scour the Earth and terminate the enemy.

Bashido came down to the Earth on a cool October night in 2004. He landed somewhere in the Saskatchewan region of Canada, a little off the mark of where he was trying to land in Washington State, but not too bad. He had made his body appear to be 30 year old Caucasian male with a decent tan and a well muscular physique. This didn't go along so great with his choice of weapon, which was a unique Katana enchanted by the creators of the prophecy. He also modified the appearance of the weapon to look like a modern pocket knife. He also dressed in common modern day clothes. A nice collared polo shirt with a white undershirt, blue jeans, and a nice pair of brown Puma street shoes. To anyone he passed on the street he seem like the average Joe out on some errands about town, which was exactly what he was going for. His Martian metabolism was on a slightly different scale than the average humans, so he could never eat a full human meal. His body was so energy efficient that small meals a few times a day was plenty for him. Also, since his body was far more refined than any human, his waste production was at a minimum. He needed only relieve his bladder or bowels about once a week.