Max Ride with a Would-be Train Robber

My name is Sara Shakivawitts. I am ashamed to addmit that I am not good in a crisis.

I discovered this while riding the max one afternoon. I was heading home from a friend's house. The train was crowded from the lunch rush; I was lucky I had a seat. It was a good thing too, considering I had five stops to go.

As the train neared the city center it slowed. The electronic message boards flashed relating to the commuters the name of the next stop.

I only noticed him because he was wareing an over-sized black leather trench-coat. I thought it was strange because of the heat in July, especially mid-day.

The moment I saw Trench-coat guy, I knew something was about to happen. I started pushing my was through the crowd. I was launched this way and that for a few long moments before I realized that I wasn't going to make it to the doors.

"The doors are now closing." The electronic female chriped, duplicating the phrase in spanish before the doors slide closed.

I cursed internally, knowing I wouldn't get home in time for lunch.

There were minute of tense (at least for me) silence, after which there could be heard shouting and general pandemonium from the front of the train. I gambled a glance at Trench-coat guy. He was standing exactly where he was when the doors closed off my only avenue to freedom.

I started thinking (my first mistake) maybe this was the set up for an assassination. Maybe there was someone important on the max train and Trench-coat was the dude there to make sure there were no witnesses. Maybe he had a bomb under the hugly over-sized coat, or a shot gun, or a flame thrower. Or, maybe it was the start of a train robbery and Trench-coat had an AK47 under all that black leather.

Three stops left. I was unbelievably anxious at this point. My imagination was running free. I was hallucinating every worst case scenario possible.

The train had emptyed a lot at the last stop, so much so that besides me and Trench-coat there were only eight people left in the car.

I could still hear the nosies from the front; it sounded like the reverberation was getting louder.

Trench-coat's head snapped up. He made eye contact with me. I froze; his eyes were emerald green, cold, cut gems. He mouthed a single word: "Hide!"

I didn't need to be told twice. I scrambled under a bank of seats to my right. I hid for a few tense moments before Trench-coat's laughing face peered down on me.

"What are you doing?" Trench-coat asked.

"Hiding." I answered. Honestly, it was fairly obvious what I was doing!

"Why?" He asked.

"Because you told me to!" I said. He doubled over. I worried for a minute until I saw he was laughing. "Are you laughing at me?" I asked, ouraged.

"Yep!" He said, simply, still laughing. I sputtered.

"Milikan Way, the doors are to my right." The electronic woman's voice annouced before repeating the message cheerily in spainsh.

"Well, this is my stop." Trench-coat said. He dug into one of his over-sized pockets and drew out a bussiness card. "Here give me a call. You've made this probably the most interesting ride on the max I've ever taken." He handed it to me. I stared at it dumbly as he went to stand by the aforementioned doors. They opened and Trench-coat steped out. He turned to face the doors and waved to me as they closed, still chuckling. I stuck my tougue out at him and crawled out from under the seats. I saw him in hystarics as the max pulled away.

As I said before, I am ashamed to addmit that I am horrible in a crisis, even a fake one.

I wrote this for my English final. Let me know what you think.