+This idea came when I listened to "Emotionless" by Good Charlotte. Crawl by VELTPUNCH & Aru ga Mama by Anamu & Maki did too.

Title: Unbound Sunset

Summary: Kuroji is someone who is broken hearted and abandoned. He spends his nights under stars searching for something. Can the people he meets along the way heal him or can the person who he kisses help? Even the supernatural?

Field of Flowers

~A boy in a field was laying back and looking up at the sky. The sunset made the sky all different kinds of purple,orange and red. His golden complexion looked more like a gem as the sun touched him. It gave him a warm feeling after feeling cold for the past 2 days. He finally ran away from home. The only things he carried was a torn up black bookbag with a few pictures and money. He only had the clothes on his back and the wind now. Kuroji took a deep breath. The tight black sweater stretching to accompany the new size. His pants were old dark green cargo capris with strings. He slipped a slender hand in his pocket and brought out a silver locket. He kissed it remembering the good times he had with his mother. His raven hair going every which way in spikes now had straws in it. He looked up one last time at the meadow he was in. The sun catching his dark brown eyes. He put the locket back and picked up his bag. Time to hit the road.

It was night by the time he was walking down the highway. A few cars past by now and again. Kuroji wondered if he should stop and rest somewhere. He had nobody to protect him from weirdos if they decided to show up. The 16 year old boy paused as he heard a car slow down beside him.

Maybe if I run I might be able to escape. He knew better than to hope they were a nice person. Living out in the country and streets once before taught him that. His night vision saw the navy blue car stop. He kept on walking like it wasn't there.

Okay...1,2,3- He was halted by a pair of arms.

"Let go of me you bastard!" Kuroji tried to kick whoever it was in the balls. He felt a cool tongue lick his neck. One of the arms went to wrap tightly around his waist. The person put his face in Kuroji's neck.

Dammit! I can't get free! Kuroji was trying to pry the arm around his chest off when the figure spoke.

"What are you doing here by yourself...pup?"