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People Possess

Kuroji froze as the deep voice sounded in his ear. Pup? What did he mean? He couldn't possibly know what he was and he wouldn't sensed the other if he was one himself.

"By the way you stopped struggling, I guessed right." The man lifted his face from Kuroji's neck. His short brunet hair bouncing slightly. "And you're hurt." The arm holding Kuroji's waist slid up and pressed into his side. Kuroji clutched at the man's arm now instead of pulling it away. He turned his face to the side trying to hide a silent scream as the pain shot through his abdomen. Soon enough, the man holding Kuroji smelt blood. He stopped pressing to hurt and lifted the edge of Kuroji's sweater. Two poor dirty compression bandages barely covering wound were ready to fall off. Kuroji gasped as the felt the cool air hit his stomach.

"What are you doing?" He gasped. The wound was from the gun shot and attack in the woods he received when he ran away. The pain had faded but it brought back the memories he had with it. This man was lucky there was no moon tonight. Kuroji could only think of the ways he would rip this man apart. The man tightened his arm around Kuroji's chest to bring the other arm up and lick the blood off his hand.

The person holding Kuroji made a displeased noise."Your wound is infected. And here I though I was imaging something bleeding along this road." The mysterious man smirked. He shifted Kuroji's wait and then started to walk towards the car with carrying him bridal style. Kuroji was dizzied from the sudden move and the pain he got from his gashes and bullet wound protested very loudly.

"What are you going to do with me?" Kuroji called weakly. This man couldn't possibly be human. Why couldn't he have gotten some ordinary weirdo instead? The man just grunted as he placed Kuroji in the front passenger seat. The light blinding both for a few moments. When Kuroji felt the soft cushion of the chair he started to panic. The man had closed the door and locked it. He looked through the window at the man that was kidnapping him. He had light brown hair and golden eyes. He was built with the muscles trying to shred his green shirt to pieces. Kuroji's eyes traced over his facial features. He had slender eyebrows and a tan complexion. The man had several piercings in his left ear and he had on a variety of rings making it look like had had silver knuckles.

The man stared at Kuroji too, noticing his boyish features. He couldn't be anything over 16. The golden pools took in the way the car light lit his dark brown eyes like dark shards of amber. His black hair and endless spiky sea of silkiness. And his skin tone made even the nicest bronze look bad. The man went back to staring into Kuroji's scared and angry eyes. He smiled a fang full and turned away to go get Kuroji's bag.

Kuroji eyes followed the man's figure up a few feet away. He couldn't escape as the doors were locked and he couldn't open them without the key it seemed. The man had been smart to take the key with him when he got out of the car. If he really wanted to, he could of tore off the door. The facts were, he was starved over 2 days with a few dollars, dehydrated, wounded and now dealt with another one of him did not help his circumstances. He growled as the other male came in through the driver's side and threw his bag in the back. The older man shut the door and started his car. Kuroji didn't do anything besides glare. If only he wasn't so weak right now he could take him.

They started up the highway slowly and catching up speed leaving the area he knew best. Kuroji gasped slightly in pain. The prick had opened his wounds up again and were starting to bleed. The other man must of smelt it because he spoke.

"Don't worry I'll patch you up." He turned his eyes away from the road. They flashed a blue light before he looked back. " I can't have my pup dying on me can I?" Kuroji flinched for a second but did growl louder this time.

Pretty boy bitch! He didn't say that out loud in case the other male decided to hurt him even more. Kuroji resigned himself to just relax since he wasn't going anywhere soon. The man made a humming noise.

"What's your name kid?" He asked. Kuroji glared out the window but answered him.

"Kuroji." Kuroji said icily. He leaned his head against the cold glass it calming him down. He wondered how hard he struggled. He has been constantly tired and he couldn't tell if he even put up a fight. The brunet sighed.

"Name's Keagan." The man grinned and looked over to Kuroji. "And I'm your new caretaker." Kuroji glanced at him and huffed.

"Whatever." He whispered. Why would this arrogant bastard would want him was beyond him. It was one of the reasons he ran away from home. No one wanted him. Keagan growled at Kuroji's tone of voice.

"Listen here pup, the only reason I even followed your scent was that if was fellow wolf in need." Keagan hissed. He didn't want the kid disrespectful.

"Well no one asked you to come fine me or help for that matter." Kuroji hissed back. Who said he needed the bitch's help?

Keagan slammed on the brakes throwing Kuroji hard into the dash board. He hissed as his face had slammed into wooden panel. "So you recommend that I should of just let you die?" Kuroji glowered at Keagan from his akward position on the floor. Kuroji tried to turn so that his injuries wouldn't hurt much. Keagan reached down and cupped Kuroji's face.

"Just so you know, don't give everybody the backlash for one person's mistake." Kuroji was stunned. He expected for the man to blow up. Keagan just restarted the engine. "And you can stay down there to cool off." He laughed. Kuroji just tried not to wince in pain as the gentle sway of the car rocked him.