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Secret Silence

Kuroji didn't know when or how he fell asleep, but he awoke with a start. A long trail of drool was running down his face and he lifted a weak hand to wipe it off. He groaned as he turned to get away from the cramped place on the floor. After the little incident he somehow got lulled to sleep by the motion of the car. Luckily, he wasn't stretched out on the side that was injured. Then, he realized the car wasn't moving.

"Ughh, what happened?" He was still blinking wearily when the memory hit him. "Where is that bastard?" He slowly got up in the passenger seat and looked around. It was still dark and the car was empty. All the plush fleece and leather held nothing but his bag. There was no key, but the door wasn't locked either.

"What's going on?" Kuroji was about to climb to the back and get his book bag but his side protested. Kuroji sighed. He didn't care about the money but there were two important pictures that he wanted. He turned to the door beside him. It looked like he was in a woodsy area. Trees lined the car from all sides except for a small path that it seemed to squeeze into. He pressed his hand onto the dark glass and saw with slight horror some dried blood. Kuroji moved to push open the car door. One foot landed outside before the locket in his pocket fell.

"Ah shit." Kuroji painfully went to the side and picked it up. Instead of putting it in his pocket he put it around his neck. It was supposed to be worn like that anyway. What he didn't see, however, was that the car was on a hill not too steep but it was rocky. Kuroji stumbled on the gravel. Some rocks were small but he could see as he fully got out the car there were larger rocks at the end of the hill.

"How did he get the car way up here?" It wasn't impossible but probably not good for his tires. He didn't care. He was going to be out of there in a few minutes. He put his hands on the side of the car as he went to the next door. How the car was sitting on the edge was beyond him. As he stepped closer and gripped the handle of the door, he slipped. The rocks were slippery with water as his body slid and he landed heavily on his head. He started sliding to the bigger rocks bumping some on his way down.

"Shit."Kuroji turned over on his side and covered his head. He had landed on his injured side and his head was pounding. "This only happens to weird hiking people dammit!" He whispered angrily. He cursed himself for being clumsy at a time like this. His head was bleeding a little and now the hole in his side was bleeding more also.

Somewhere nearby, a brown wolf was stalking a rabbit. It stealthily hid in the wheat while watching the furry white creature munch on grass. It's body twitching every now and then to look out for predators. He took a paw step closer and the rabbit ran off. The wolf barked angrily. He was about to run after it when he smelt fresh blood. Not just any blood but his pup's.

What the hell? He had reversed the car off the highway to hunt for him. The forest was unnaturally quiet until he got to the wheat field. Now, however, he was smelling his blood. Keagan headed off in the direction of the car speeding off in a brownish blur. He made sure to jump over broken trees and watched his step when he got his paws on gravel. He saw the back car door open. Upon coming closer he saw a trickle of blood on the lighter rocks. He growled. He sniffed along it and glanced downward. Kuroji was there unmoving.

Keagan shifted into his human side. Bones cracking and snapping in place. His naked human body felt the chill of the air and he carefully reached toward the top of the car and got his clothes. Pulling on his shirt and pants quickly, he hopped to the side back and forth with some rocks sliding with him until reaching Kuroji. Kuroji had turned his head toward the noise but could do nothing. His side was aching and he was starting to get cold.

"What the hell happened kid?" Keagan guessed Kuroji was loosing strength. He planted his feet firmly in the ground and pushed under Kuroji to gather him in his arms.

Kuroji groaned as he was moved. "Ow. That hurts." He hissed. Keagan was now holding him bridal style walking towards the car.

"That will teach you not to leave the person trying to help you." Keagan chuckled.

"I don't see why. You don't seem like a nice person." Kuroji said as he was gently placed in the front seat. Keagan lifted shirt again. Kuroji could see a frown on his face. " I know it's not good."

"You should've taken better care of yourself." Keagan admonished. He looked down at his green shirt. "I can always buy another one." Keagan sighed. He took off his cotton t-shirt and wound it up. He folded it into a rectangular shape.

"What are you doing?" Kuroji asked as he saw the chiseled abs of his captor. Keagan said nothing as he laid the cloth against Kuroji's skinny side and leaned over to wrap it around him. As Keagan leaned Kuroji got a face full of hair and couldn't help but sniff. A pleasant scent went through his nostrils. Roses and vanilla was all he could think about. Keagan made sure the knot was tight when a small hand shifted through his brunette locks.

"Hmmm." Keagan purred as the hand went to a spot behind his ear. He turned his golden irises to Kuroji's chocolate ones. "You are one of a kind pup." Keagan turned his head to nibble at the exposed wrist. Kuroji blushed. He didn't know what came over him. When he smelt that delicious smell it seemed a spell was cast over him.

"U-um could you please stop that." Kuroji was trying very hard to keep a strait face and not bust out giggling. Keagan kissed the hand as he left his hair.

"Next time I won't be so gentle." Keagan's eyes flashed blue again. Kuroji knew he wasn't going to escape this man.