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Adjusting to Home?

Keagan kept their intertwined fingers at his side. Kuroji kept looking out the window. "So tell me, why are they short?"

Kuroji swallowed a lump in his throat. "Because I wasn't allowed to have long nails."

The front glass of the car reflected Keagan's confused gaze. "Wasn't allowed to? By who?"

"Who I was living with before." Kuroji shifted uncomfortably. They were going into harsh territory. Keagan squeezed his hand.

"I think I get it." And they were quiet.

Before long, Kuroji found himself sleeping against the door. The silence continued for a long time, so long that the sun was about to come up. Keagan gently untangled their hands as he pulled up into his driveway. He took a few moments to catch his breath. The Georgian sun rise was brighter than the place they left. Keagan yawned and stretched as he got out of the car. He came to live in this place because of the 'no wolves' in area policy. He barely met any werewolves in Georgia, naturally because of the environment. He grabbed the black bag by the sleeping boy and closed the driver's door. They were in the mountains where the air was fresh and crisp. Keagan inhaled again and went to Kuroji's door. The bright and orange and red sunlight hit Kuroji's face and took Keagan's breath away again.

"You are going to be the death of me." Keagan pulled the door open and caught a falling Kuroji as the pup's eyes began to open.

"Wake up. Welcome to your new home." He put the book bag on a bare shoulder and lifted Kuroji from the vehicle. Kuroji yawned and his head lolled to the side as he was shifted in big arms.

"Where am I?" Came the sleepy reply. Keagan couldn't believe how cute the angry pup can be. He bent down and gave a kiss to Kuroji's forehead. The multiracial teen snapped into reality as he felt the silky lips trail down to his cheek. Keagan kicked the car door closed and started walking to the front door. It was chilly this morning and not having a shirt was kind of awkward. Kuroji blushed and was about yell to be put down when a wave of pain went through him. Keagan felt the younger werewolf tense in his arms as they got into hallway of that led to Kitchen. He turned right and headed towards the couch. Kuroji groaned as he was laid on the soft cushions.

"You stay here and do not move." He didn't have to tell Kuroji that. Keagan disappeared after leaving Kuroji's bag by the doorway.

Keagan went through the kitchen to the bathroom. He opened the medicine cabinet to get some gauze,cotton balls, peroxide and alcohol. He about to close it when he thought about some aspirin and pain killer for the two of them. He took those too.

"Ah..." Kuroji whined quietly to himself. It wasn't like this was the first wound he got this bad, so why was it hurting so much?

Keagan came back and kneeled beside Kuroji. He lifted the dirty black shirt and teared off the old bandages as gently as he could. Kuroji shifted his head and hissed when he felt the squeezing.

"I have to drain the puss." Keagan inspected the wound and saw two small holes. They were small enough for a bullet to go through. After his finished squeezing, he washed his hands in alcohol and held Kuroji still.

"This is going to hurt."

It already does dumbass. Kuroji howled in pain as Keagan dug a finger in and pulled out silver pellets. Silver. That's why it's not healing. He did the same thing again to other hole while Kuroji screamed. By the time Keagan pulled out all the pellets Kuroji was crying. Keagan stroked the soft head of hair with his clean hand and got a cotton ball with the other.

"Shh." He kissed Kuroji's forehead. He grabbed the peroxide and started to clean the wounds. Kuroji sniffled and turned his head to the side and tried not to think about the agony he just went through. Keagan licked at some of the small cuts lining his side. A shiver when through his small frame. Before he knew it, Keagan was finished and he was forced to lean up.

"Here drink this." Keagan held out two tiny white capsules and a glass of water. Kuroji wondered when did he have the time to get all of it. Kuroji took the pills and Keagan disappeared before coming back with a pillow and blanket.

"The side effects are drowsiness and I think it's too early for you to be moving." As he said this Kuroji's eyes began to droop.

"What did you give me?" His voice sounding distant. Keagan propped the pillow under Kuroji's head and put the blanket up to his thigh.

"Don't worry about that now and just sleep." Keagan pulled up his shirt and started licking his stomach.

"Hey... what are you doing?" Kuroji tried to fight the loosing battle of sleep. Keagan said nothing as he licked Kuroji's abs, giving kisses here and there, and nibbling. Kuroji soon lost the battle and was snoring away when Keagan bit him. He licked the bite soothing the now bluish skin. That bite will have to do until he could get Kuroji a bath and some more rest. Keagan pulled the blanket up to Kuroji's chin and stood. Looking down at his new pup, he couldn't wait for his pack members to see him.


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