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Part 2

Thank you, God, for little wonders. Yesterday I got to finish my day at the hospital without any other incidents. I did have to sit through another speech, this time held by my supervisor, about the hardships of being a doctor, the importance of objectivity and maintaining distance from the patients. All a bunch of crap, if you asked me. Show me one person who would be unmoved by the death of a child. I told him as much.

"She won't be the last, Mr. Chandler, to die in front of you. And I'm not going to tell you that it gets easier with time, this is not like building tolerance to something. Each life lost will take a piece of you with it. But on the other hand, each life you give back will give something back to you. Helping others is not a gesture of atonement, many times the death won't be your fault. I'm not saying not to feel it, you won't be able to become a good doctor if you're a monster. Just don't let it touch your job. As a person, you can suffer and care and cry, it'll make you a better person, and consequently, a better doctor. But the doctor in you… he should not be scared of doing his job, for fear of mistakes. We all make them. It's just that some mistakes are worth more than others. It's your job, while you can, to become a stronger person, a person capable of shouldering that responsibility."

And that's how it is. Am I that strong? I don't know. But that kid,… no, Aiden, had made a point yesterday. Doing my best should have to be enough, right?

It just takes some time getting used to the idea.

This time I find him already there. Still in the hospital gown. Really, the guy has no sense of self-preservation.

I just stood there, not yet going to him, and just watched him. What possessed me to confess to him, I wonder. What made me bare my soul in front of this stranger? Had there been someone else there yesterday, when I was barely holding myself together, had I done the same thing? I looked at him, hair fluttering softly in the wind, and still didn't know the answer.

"Are you going to stand there all afternoon?" He turned towards me, that already familiar smile in place on his lips, his eyes looking straight into mine. And for the first time, I smiled back at him and went to sit next to him. As natural as only old friends can, I leaned and brushed my lips on his cheek. He only looked at me, and took my hand in his.

We both stood in silence, just watching the city below us. A comfortable, peaceful silence, one of those perfect moments that heals your soul.

"Tell me about your day." I started playing with his fingers and shrugged.

"Not much to tell. I was in Maternity today." I shuddered. "It was… interesting, to say the least."

He brushed his other hand over my cheek and held my gaze.

"It was a nice change, wasn't it? A life is lost, another one is gained. It helped, didn't it? Knowing that you were part of bringing another life in the world, it helped with what happened yesterday. "

I kissed his fingers gently.

"Yes, it did. It doesn't make it better, it just makes it…easier to deal with, I suppose."

He turned his eyes towards the city.

"I gather you thought about what we talked yesterday."

"Yes, I did… And you were right. I knew that even then, but I guess…"

"The shock was still there."


He leaned his head on my shoulder, and none of us said anything for some time.

"Do you think there's anything waiting for her beyond?" The question was asked in a barely audible voice. I wrapped an arm around him and pulled him closer, as much for my comfort as to warm him a little. The chill of the evening was making itself present.

"I'd like to think so." I said. "I don't like the idea of …nothingness, like there's nothing left after this life. So many get cheated out of it, it seems… unfair." I pressed my lips in his hair.

"Yeah…" I watched him close his eyes for a second, before I heard his voice again.

"Tell me about college. How is it?"

"Crowded, for one." I laughed a little, as I started toying with a strand of his hair.

"But it's great. New people, different from what you're used to. More tolerant, more mature, more secure. Friendly, for the most part. And there's the added bonus of learning something you actually like, a nice change from high school." I smiled at him.

"You'll find out on your own soon enough, anyway." I kissed his forehead gently.

"Hmm…" He closed his eyes again.

And we talked. I told him about my family, about how my parents always worked hard to help me and my sister Caitlin make our way in life. About my relationship with Caitlin, and our childhood. How we used to climb out the window and go to our friend Sid's house. Of course, by way of windows, again. How I got laughed at and bullied all through high school for being somewhat of a geek, and a bad one at sports, too. How I aced my Med entrance exam, or the time I flat out fainted the first time we started doing autopsies. He found that funny.

Told him about my roommate Trent, and that one occasion when he figured we should redecorate, and by that I mean start doing all sorts of abstract paintings on the walls of the dorm room. Took him about a month to finish all walls, at which point he declared them to be "piss-poor art", grabbed the bucket of plain, white paint, and covered all traces of his artistic fit.

Mentioned my one and only relationship, that had ended after six months, when the girl insisted to tell me that my affection for the corpse in my lab was probably stronger than my feelings for her. The sad thing was, she was probably right.

He found out my favorite past-time is reading, that I listen to anything that strikes my fancy, and not a certain type. That I like horror movies, but enjoy a good comedy once in a while, when in good spirits. That I'm a lousy dancer, but that it doesn't stop me from trying when a little drunk.

All the things my best friends knew, and even some they didn't, he found them all out. My favorite color (green), my birthday(17th of March), my middle name (Robert- Jared Robert, pretty pathetic, I know), at which we point we realized he didn't even know my first, my favorite meal course (pastas); that I hate squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle, that I wear slippers in the house. Everything, things that usually take a lifetime to be discovered he heard them all in a few hours.

And he told me about himself, too. I quietly listened, running my fingers through his hair, as he told me about his mother, who died at birth. About his father, whom he loved deeply, and was loved in return, how he strove to take care of the child that was Aiden all by himself. He had no siblings, and very few friends. He was, according to him, painfully shy and introverted, so it didn't come easy for him to make new acquaintances. I smiled- could've fooled me, remembering our first talk… had it only been yesterday?

We were glad to realize we had the same tastes in music, but in movies he preferred those with a psychological subject. He sometimes found himself enjoying even chick flicks, mostly due to the influence of his best friend Sara, whom he'd known since they were 5.

His favorite color- royal blue, favorite meal- Caesar salad (the carnivore in me objected at that), favorite past-time activity and hobby- playing the flute. He wasn't good at sports either, but was glad to have stirred clear of the jocks or other bullies. Favorite part of the day- sunset, enjoyed rainy weather.

His middle name –Sebastian- Aiden Sebastian Moore, born on 3rd of October. Never had a relationship, again, due to the fact that he couldn't express himself verbally. And a lack of interest on his part, he truthfully admitted.

These were little things, things that I wanted to know and that I used to slowly fit together the puzzle that was Aiden. Something was shifting in me, with each word he spoke, with each time he looked in my eyes, with each touch I'd brush over his hair, his skin. In less time than it takes a person to form a shallow opinion of another, I'd come to care so deeply for this boy, even I was surprised. But I wasn't confused, I wasn't scared. Funny how everything seemed so cleat t that moment, holding him in my arms, together watching the sun set over the city.

For me, he was that flower you see one day and brightens your day, that detour on your way home that changes your routine, that turns your life around. For once I didn't question what I was feeling, I couldn't have even if I wanted to. There was something so genuine about him, so… different, something that kept you from doubting, from believing things were less than beautiful , less than perfect, imperfect as they were.

And so we talked: about religion, politics, books, anything and everything that crossed our mind. The night had started to fall, and we took our time admiring the sky above us and the image of the city at night. This time no one came to search for him, and I had finished my shift right before meeting him, so it felt like we had all the time in the world.

Does everyone remind the first kiss they shared with someone loved? That nervous, gentle fluttering in the stomach, that tentative, first brush of another person's lips against yours, the soft touch meant to encompass everything you held in your soul in regard with the other.

That's how it felt for me. I was no virgin by any means, but at that moment nothing before him seemed to matter anymore. It was gentle and sweet, and full of feeling, so soft it felt unreal. Every sensation is, to this day, burnt into my skin: his hand cupping my cheek, my own tangled in his hair, the first touch of my lips as they settled over him. One April night, on the roof of a hospital, in front of a whole city and under a sky full of stars, I received my first kiss all over again.

He smiled softly and confessed it was his first kiss, and that he was glad it had been me.

And then, face serious as he stared straight ahead into the night, in a barely audible whisper, he shared one more thing with me:

" I have cancer."