Ch. 4- First Day of School

It was the end of the first school day, but the day did not go so well. Hikari and Nyla were walking down the street, heading home. Hikari was clearly not in a happy mood, and Nyla had bruises on her face and a bandage on her forehead. "I can't believe you did that! What I am gonna tell my parents?" asked Hikari.

"Hey it's not my fault, he started it." replied Nyla.

Hikari sighed. "How did this happen?" she asked herself.


First class: Math

Nyla was very Kenfused. She knew the basics, but when she looked at the equations, her mind went completely blank. School just started and she didn't want to look like an idiot in front of Hikari. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and looked back down at the book. She looked… and still didn't understand. She would have to ask Hikari for help later.

SeKend class: French

French was even more Kenfusing than math. All the words sounded like gibberish to Nyla. "Rosse? The hell does that mean?"

(Rosse- "cat", well I think that's what it means. I just needed some French word to use. XD)

Third class: Gym

Hikari wasn't looking forward to this class, but Nyla… "You get to run around and play!? Awesome!" was totally happy.

When everyone did laps, Nyla was way in front. Hikari could see she was having a great time.

Fourth class: Science

Nyla was fascinated with the class at first but, she was then frustrated when she found out she needed to do math in the class.


Nyla and Hikari got their lunches and headed to where Don and Kagome were. The dog girl recognized them from the first class. The two sat down and Hikari introduced the others. "Nyla this is Don and his sister Kagome."




Nyla was glaring at the boy, not forgetting what he said. Don scratched the back of his head nervously. "Look what I said earlier in home room, I was only joking."

Nyla looked him in the eye. He was telling the truth. "It's ok." she said.

The four teens started a Kenversation, each saying what they liked doing, and what they hoped for the future. Nyla found out that Don wanted to train to be a samurai and Kagome wanted to be a nurse. When the siblings asked what Nyla wished to be in the future, all she said was, "I never thought about it." They didn't ask more and Kentinued eating their lunch.

Everything was fine, until Kagome spotted a certain person. Her expression became grim. "Oh no, it's Miharu." she muttered.

"Hey losers." Everyone turned to see a girl. She had blue hair, and violet eyes. She was smiling, but it wasn't a nice smile. Nyla could tell the girl was a bully. She already didn't like this girl.

"So how are you losers doing today?" she asked.

"Go away Miharu, we didn't do anything." said Don.

Miharu ignored him and turned her attention to Hikari. "Hey Hikari, I heard you fell flat on your face in gym again." Hikari looked down and didn't answer her. Miharu became angry. She reached out to grab Hikari, when someone's hand stopped her. She looked towards the owner of the hand. Nyla gripped the girl's arm. "Don't you touch her." she said with a low growl.

Hikari and the other two gasped. No one ever dared lay a finger on Miharu.

Miharu pulled her arm free of Nyla's grasp and glared at the dog girl. "You can't talk to me like that! Do you know who I am?"

"No, and I could care less." replied the Were.

Miharu looked closely at Nyla. "I see now. You're a new student. No wonder you don't know who I am." She smirked. "I am Miharu Konya, the richest girl in school. I am in the top class. So, newbie, you have to respect me." She crossed her arms over her chest, looking triumphant.

Nyla gave her a bored look. "Are you deaf? I said I don't care who you are."

Miharu's expression became angry. Don walked over to Nyla and whispered, "Nyla, don't get her mad. If you get her really mad she'll call Ken." he said scared. At that moment Miharu got out her phone and texted someone.

Nyla raised an eyebrow. "Who's Ken?"

As if on cue, the lunchroom doors slammed open revealing a boy. He had spiky black hair, dark blue eyes, and was wearing the boys uniform, except he wasn't wearing the tie and the jacket was unbuttoned. The boy looked angry about something. He walked straight to where Miharu was.

Miharu ran up to the boy and hugged him. "Oh Ken there you are!" she said.

Ken looked at the group. "Which one of these dorks disrespected you?" he said in an angry voice. He started cracking his knuckles. Miharu pointed at Nyla. "He was being mean to me." she said pouting.

'He?' thought Hikari. She looked at her Were friend. 'Oh yeah, the uniform makes her look like a boy.' she thought, sweat dropping.

Ken walked over to Nyla. Nyla started explaining things, "Ok two things, one she was picking on my friends and two I'm a g-" Before she could finish her sentence, Ken punched Nyla, sending her to the ground. Nyla sat up on the ground rubbing her cheek, and thought, 'Should have seen that coming.'

Behind Ken, Miharu smiled, happy for the dog girl getting hit. Ken glared at Nyla. "I don't care what you have to say dork. You should know your place." He pointed at Hikari and smirked. "And the little bitch deserves whatever she gets. She's just garbage compared to Miharu. She's a worthless, good for nothing-"


Ken was sent flying into a lunch table, knocking it over. People stopped talking. There was complete silence. No one made a sound, and everyone was staring wide-eyed at the blond. No one could believe what just happened. Ken, the Ken was just hit by the new kid. Ken slowly sat up, also surprised. Blood trickled down the side of his mouth.

Nyla was glaring at the boy who insulted her friend. Hikari was a little frightened from the dog girl's glare. If looks could kill, Ken would definitely be dead. Miharu looked petrified. No one had ever been able to hit him, not once.

In a menacing voice, Nyla said, "Don't you ever insult her like that! She is not garbage. If anyone is garbage, it's you!"

Ken got up and started walking towards the girl ready to attack again, but suddenly the bell rang, signaling students to go to class. Ken growled, "We'll finish this later, after school." With that he and Miharu left.

Don, Kagome, and Hikari ran to Nyla's side. Hikari checked the dog girl's injured cheek. It was probably going to bruise. Hikari was thankful that the bell rang before things got out of hand.

Don stared wide-eyed at Nyla. "You are either the craziest kid I ever met, or you really got guts."

Nyla shrugged. "I still don't see the big deal about Ken. His punch didn't even hurt."

"Ken is the strongest and toughest guy in school! He sent a kid to the hospital once!" exclaimed Kagome.

"Really?" asked the blond. The other three teens nodded. She smiled. "Then our fight after school is going to be really interesting." She started leaving the cafeteria with her friends following behind.

"Nyla no way, you are not fighting that guy!" Once the siblings left, Hikari started scolding her Were friend. "Have you forgotten, you were attacked only a couple of days ago and you're still healing?"

Nyla just smiled at the girl. "Don't worry, I'll just knock a few of his teeth out and then leave. I'll be fine." Hikari said no more, but still wished the girl didn't have to fight.

Fifth class: Art

So far this seemed the simplest class to the blond girl. All she needed to do was draw something. An idea popped into her head and she started drawing. She couldn't wait to show Hikari.

Sixth class: History

Nyla paid close attention to what the teacher was saying. She was fascinated by the history of humans. When she looked at the other students she saw most of them were asleep or about to fall asleep. She couldn't understand why they would be tired now.


The final bell rang and students started gathering their things and go home. Nyla headed to the schoolyard, looking for Ken. She looked around and saw Hikari wasn't out yet. She wanted to get this over with before her friend came out.

Nyla spotted Ken standing at the front gate, glaring coldly at her. The dog girl walked up to Ken. He smirked. "So you're not gonna run away?" he asked.

Nyla just smiled. "Nope, not when I know I'll beat you."

Some students started gathering around, wanting to watch the fight. Nyla put her bag down and got into a fighting pose. Ken did the same. They just glared at each other for a while. Ken was the first to make a move. He charged and swung a punch at the girl. Nyla easily dodged left and punched the boy in the face, breaking his nose. Ken stumbled back a bit and charged again. The dog girl simply stepped to the side and tripped Ken, causing him to fall flat on his face. Some of the students laughed.

Ken was furious now. He got up and threw another punch. Nyla caught it, but then suddenly felt an excruciating pain in her side. Ken had kneed the girl in the side, the exact same spot where she had the wound. She fell to her knees and clenched her side. Ken smirked down at her. He kicked her head and caused her to fall to the ground. He started kicking her multiple times in the side and head. Ken was grinning like a fool, enjoying every second of it.

Hikari, Don, and Kagome had helped their teacher put stuff away and were now heading to the school's front doors. Once they were outside they saw a group of kids surrounding two people. Don squinted toward the group. "It looks like a fight, between two people. Ouch, the big one just kicked the smaller one down…"

Hikari suddenly felt her blood run cold. "No…" She dropped her bag and ran toward the crowd. She pushed her way through the crowd. When she reached the front she gasped. Nyla was on the ground bruised, and blood coming from a cut her forehead. Ken was standing over the girl, smiling triumphantly.

For the first time in a while, Hikari felt mad. She was mad that Ken had hurt her Were friend and was happy about it. How could someone be happy hurting others? She had to stop the fight before Nyla got killed. Ken was about to kick Nyla again, when suddenly Hikari stepped between him and the blond girl. "That's enough!" Hikari said, holding her arms out.

Ken stared at the girl for a bit then laughed. "Well, look at this. Katsuei has some backbone."

His expression then became angry. "I'll just beat you to a bloody pulp too!" He pulled his fist back. Hikari closed her eyes waiting for the impact. She felt nothing but herd Ken yell in pain and a loud 'CRACK'. Her eyes shot open and saw Nyla standing in front of her, her fist in Ken's side.

He fell backwards on his back and held his side. "She broke my ribs!" he cried out, in pain. Miharu, who was in the crowd, ran to the boy's side.

Nyla put her arm down and glared at the boy. "Just be happy I didn't break your neck too. Oh, and Miharu…" Said girl looked at the blond. Nyla took of her school jacket. "I'm a girl."

Miharu, Ken and, pretty much everyone there, widened their eyes in surprise. Someone called out, "Ken was beaten up by a girl!?"

Nyla turned around and looked at Hikari. She had a look of concern on her face "You ok?" she asked.

Hikari shook her head. "I'm the one who should be asking that!"

"I'm perfectly fine."

"You're bleeding! That's not 'perfectly fine'."

She grabbed Nyla's hand and pulled her back towards the school. "Come on, let's go to the nurses office to get you cleaned up." Nyla didn't argue and just let the younger girl lead her to the nurse.

Once Nyla was patched up, the two girls headed home. Hikari scolding the dog girl and Nyla trying to calm the human down.

End of Flash Back

Hikari sighed. "Oh yeah, that's how." Hikari was still trying to think of a way to explain this to her parents.

Nyla then remembered something. She reached into her bag and pulled out a piece of paper. "Here…" she said, holding it out to her friend. Hikari took the paper, looking at her friend curiously. She looked at the paper and gasped. It was a picture. In the picture was a girl sitting on the grass next to a wolf. It looked like it was done by a famous artist. Hikari looked at Nyla. "This is amazing…"

Nyla smiled. "I was hoping you would like it. I made it just for you."

Hikari slightly blushed and said, "Thank you."

Neither girl noticed the pair of wolf eyes watching them from the distance. The wolf smiled to himself. "I finally found you, pup…"