Called you for the first time yesterday

Finally found the missing part of me

Felt so close but you're so far away

Left me without anything to say

The first time I ever spoke to her was when she answered my sister's phone.

"Found it!" she half yelled into the phone.

"What? Who is this?" I asked.

There was silence for a second. "Sorry thought you were someone else ... who are you?"

"Um ... I'm Matt – what are you doing with my sister's phone?"

"She lost it ... so she rang it while I looked through her room."

Oh that made sense. "How are you still alive without a gas mask?" My sister isn't known for her neatness to say the least.

I could almost hear her shrug, "My brother's room is worse. Do you want me to get Kat for you?"


She repeated slowly, "Do you want me to get Kathryn for you?"

I shook my head to clear it a bit, "Umm yeah sure that would be great."

Now I'm speechless

Over the edge

I'm just breathless

I never thought that I'd catch this

Love bug again

Hopeless head over heals in the moment

I never thought that I'd get hit

By this love bug again

I couldn't think straight for days after that – I kept thinking about my sister's friend. I had to meet her. I decided the perfect place would be at the social that Kat's school was hosting. That way I knew they would both be there.

On the night I was more nervous then I had been in years – all because I was meeting a girl ... what was the world coming to? My sister wasn't hard to pick out of the crowd – she has always been outgoing and in the centre of attention. And tonight was no exception, with a hot pink dress on and black high heels she was in the centre of a group mainly made up of guys. There was one girl standing next to her – she was beautiful too but in more of a quiet way. Her blonde curls and white dress made her look almost like an angel.

Making my way though the group I finally managed to capture Kat's attention. She grinned and dragged her friend over to me.

"Matt! You didn't tell me you were coming!"

"I thought I would surprise you," I replied, smiling at my little sister. "Who's your friend?"

Her friend raised her eyebrows, "I am standing here – you could just ask me."

I recognised her voice straight away, "What's your name?"

"Cassie," she said with a slight smile.

"Well then Miss Cassie, if you can brave my sister's room you must be pretty unique – may I have this dance?" I asked as I did an exaggerated bow while extending my hand.

She laughed and her face lit up – it made her look so stunning and beautiful for a moment I forgot to breathe.

I can't get your smile out of my mind

I think about your eyes all the time

You're beautiful and you don't even try

Modesty is just so hard to find

I couldn't get her out of my mind – again – but this time it wasn't just her voice, it was her smile, her eyes, just her.

I had gone to see Kat but she was off visiting her latest boyfriend. Cassie hadn't gone with her because she was sick. I had walked into the foyer just as she had been getting her medication so she sat and talked with me for a while.

The conversation ended as she yawned and slid off the couch she had been sitting on. "Now, if you don't mind I'm going to have a cold shower."

My gaze slid down her body, "Yeah I could do with one, too."

Her face coloured then she glared at me, "Matt - I'm sick; I have a temperature but I'm not so sick – or stupid – enough to fall for that. Go sexually harass someone else."

I grinned, "Well Cassie, I'm not the one wearing barely anything."

Cassie looked down at what she was wearing – her Mickey Mouse shorts and a singlet ... admittedly a little skimpy but not that bad she had thought."I'm just wearing my pyjamas."

My gaze slid down again, "Well I have to say I like them ... though the thought of you in them might keep me up at night for a while."

Cassie rolled her eyes, "Matt – seriously grow up. I'm going now."

With the flick of her hair she walked away.

She hadn't realised that I actually meant every word I had said. She did keep me up at night – not in a perverted way but her smile, the way her eyes sparkled and how animated she was when she talked about something she loved.

She didn't even realise how beautiful she was.

Now I'm speechless

Over the edge

I'm just breathless

I never thought that I'd catch this

Love bug again

Hopeless head over heels in the moment

I never thought that I'd get hit

By this love bug again

She stayed with us for part of the holidays. My parents adored her and my little brother thought she was the best thing since sliced bread when she not only whooped his arse at all his X-Box 360 games, but also give him over three pages of cheats for them. Every morning she woke early and cooked us all an extravagant breakfast. By halfway through her stay I had gotten into the habit of getting up to help her. One such morning she came to ask me where our flour was just as I was walking to my room after my morning shower...wearing only a towel around my waist. We both flushed pink and I observed her subtly checking me out which only served to stroke my ego.

"Now who's wearing barely anything?" she taunted lightly.

"Does that mean you need a cold shower too?"

She smirked and patted my shoulder. "I'm not that desperate darling."

Later that day we were watching movies, me, her and Kathryn squished together on my double bed. She fell asleep curled to my side with my arm around her waist. It was one of the best feelings I've ever experienced, in a non sleazy way. Oh, gosh, I sound like one of those lovesick fools...I think I might like her.

Kissed her for the first time yesterday

Everything I wished that it would be

Suddenly I forgot how to speak

Hopeless, breathless baby cant you see

Our first kiss was an accident – well sort of. I had leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek just as she had turned. It was one of those movie kisses; perfect. Her hands went to the back of my head and started running her fingers through my hair, my hands went to her waist and pulled her closer. She is a little bit shorter than me (try I'm almost 6 foot and she is barely 5 foot 2) but that didn't matter.

I had just flicked my tongue over her bottom lip – to which she let out a little moan which made my heart beat double time – when someone cleared their throat. She pulled back but slipped her hand into mine. Kat stood there with a huge grin on her face. "Finished sucking the life out my best friend?"

I couldn't even form words – I was in shock.

Cassie blushed, "It was an accident, Kat."

Kat's grin spread even wider – which I hadn't thought was possible, "Sure, though if I show everyone the picture of it I bet they would say you were a couple."

"You took a picture?" I asked, I hadn't heard a camera or seen a flash.

"Umm you two were there were there for quite a while and quite oblivious to everyone. Impressive display of PDA ... especially Cassie – that being her first kiss and all."

I released Cassie's hand, her face falling before I put my hand on her hip and pulled her closer. "That was your first kiss?"

She lowered her eyes and nodded slightly – obviously embarrassed.

I leant down to whisper in her ear, "Well that was some kiss." I kissed the tip of her ear, "And as much as I would love to take credit for it I don't think that would be truthful. And as much as it was an accident I'm glad it happened."

She shyly met my eyes, "Really?"

"Really, truly," I replied, watching her face light up. She was so naive and childlike at times it was cute.

Now I'm speechless

Over the edge

I'm just breathless

I never thought that I'd catch this

Love bug again

We were now officially a couple, which my sister loved. We had been to movies together, shared popcorn and a drink – and had done the rest of the traditional couple-y things. On my birthday she had taken me ice skating as I had never been before. The first time I had fallen over she had laughed at me – until I had tugged on her hand so she had evened up sitting on the ice next to me. I had improved though she had told me its not like I could have gotten much worse – jokingly though I think she may have been telling the truth, but she could still skate circles around me – which she did doing little spins and twists every so often.

She was skating backwards holding my hands when it suddenly hit me – I loved her. I was so shocked I sat down on the ice very suddenly and she gave me a puzzled look then helped me up.

I knew this was real and wanted it to be special when I told her.

Hopeless head over heals in the moment

I never thought that I'd get hit

By this love bug again

Love bug again

She lay on her back with her head on my chest, her right hand entwined with my left. We were in the park near her school and I decided to surprise her with a picnic for her birthday.

"Thank you" she said as she rolled onto her stomach, settling with her head in the crook of my neck.

"I love you," I couldn't help myself the words just slipped out – it wasn't quite as I had planned it but it was good enough.

She kissed me softly, "Right back at ya."

I was glad I had caught this love bug, I didn't want the antidote. Sorry Cupid – I think you might be out of a job.