The only drabble that will ever be for this story. I'm sad to see it go, but I've enjoyed the time I had in writing these boys.

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Chain Reaction

This Is How I See Our Future

It was three weeks after they got back together before Tria touched Addison, apart from a casual brush against him.

It was two weeks after that before he kissed him.

Seven weeks after they got back together, Kevin tried to see Addison. Addison threw him out of the building.

Two days later, Tria and Addison went to a movie. Tria couldn't remember the names of any of the characters, and Addison didn't even know what movie they went to see.

Three months later, Tria got a job teaching junior English. He and Addison went to dinner to celebrate, and Addison ended up going down on Tria under the table. Tria ruined their dinner, and they got thrown out of the restaurant. Not that they cared.

Tria returned the favor a week later, but, this time, it was in Tria's classroom during his planning period. A student walked in on them.

Three months after that, when Tria had managed to get through his ninety day probationary period as a new teacher, they got a new apartment, and Tria slept in Addison's bed for the first time in almost a year.

A year to the day after Tria forgave Addison, they had sex. Um… a lot.

A while later, a month and a half by Tria's count, he didn't think about Kevin once during the day for the first time. Or the next day. The trend continued until Tria realized that he no longer worried about Addison cheating on him again.

So when, almost four years after they'd gotten back together, Addison got down on one knee and gave Tria a small velvet box, Tria had only one thing to say.


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