This is my first time ever posting something on FP. I wrote this as a descriptive essay based on a dream or should i say a nightmare that i had. Personally, i think it's a story more than an essay. I hope you like it. Please, read and review! =D

Beautiful Nightmare

I remember running away from him, running away from those wide dark eyes filled with fury. His eyebrows grew closely together wrinkling his forehead. His teeth clinched together, and his face was reddening with anger, coloring his fair almost pale-like skin. He had his hands formed into clenched fists, trying to control his anger. His disheveled brown hair pointed to all directions while a black shirt hugged his muscular body along with a pair of jeans. Steps sounded heavily on the hard wood floors by his black boots coming toward me. Exhaustion took over me when I heard those steps reaching for me; I was not ready to face him, not now, not ever. With sad teary eyes, trembling lips and a wary look on my face, my feet, covered with a pair of knee-high Converse shoes, led my figure, dressed in a simple maroon colored dress reaching my knees, to the nearest exit. In essence, I was taking the easy way out, I was escaping his domination.

Where was I going to do? How can I get away from him? What was my getaway card?

A glassy double door was my only escape from this dispute. Pushing through the doors, I was able to see the peculiar scenery, which was shielded from me by the wooden framed door, more clearly. Right there before me laid a long empty watery street, announcing to me that it had rained earlier that night. I could vaguely smell the after rain damp weather scent slipping away from the atmosphere. Evergreen long trees were crowding the sidewalks; white oval Japanese lanterns dangling from its weeping branches, casting a marvelous yellow glow onto the street. I began to make my path through the lonely street, finding comfort in the shadows of the night. The sound of the echo composed by my footsteps was a mistuned symphony to a nonexistent audience. The gushing wind surrounding me caressed my sensitive skin and blew my black hair away. Turning my head from left to right, I could not find a soul around me. I was oblivious to my destination, so I starting skipping through the sidewalk aimlessly as runaway that I was.

Later on, time seemed to fly by. I was unaware of the minutes or maybe hours that I spent fleeing for my nightmare, or what I thought it was. All I knew at that moment my lungs lacked the oxygen I need. A feeling of burning embraced my chest which made me stop at a halt. I stood next to nearby brick wall, using it one hand for support, while my other hand was clutching onto my knee. I was leaning forward trying to catch my breath and to clear my blurry vision. Taking a look around me, I found a five story high building with its main door ajar. I took a swift look behind me to be sure that I was not followed, and then I headed to my latest target.

Afterward, when I reached to the open door, I noticed it was scarped wooden door. Pushing the door further in, darkness was all that met my eyes. I made my decision to follow my path into the building when I heard a clicking noise make its contact with the ground. After stepping inside, I waited for my vision to adjust to the gloomy darkness. Finally, when I started to see inside the building, I had discovered from the ripped wallpapers and broken armchairs that it was an abandoned house. Nevertheless, I still kept going into the house deeper and deeper. The silent darkness brought back the five years old in me who has not gotten over her fear of utter blackness; it was unbearable. All thoughts of me growing up and getting over my childish fears disappeared into thin air, and I was a trembling kid again dashing toward any source of light.

Incidentally, I walked into a stairs rail. The collision caused the dust to fly all over the place causing me sneeze. I started to make my way up the stairs hoping to find a lit room perhaps through a window. The five years old who came back to live in me started to climb the dusty old noisy stairs faster and faster; she could not tolerate the darkness. I reached the last of the stairs gasping for air with wary weak knees. Stood in front of me a door which I had assumed ushers toward the roof top. It turned out that my assumptions were true, but what shocked me breathless was the scene before me. Collapsed bricks and walls and ruins occupied the entire roof top. The surface of it all was still watery from the rain. High up in the sky, the full moon shined next to the million stars up there, its lights reflecting on roof top creating a disastrous beauty that was mind blowing. I felt heartbroken for enjoying such a sorrowful image, but I was in over my head.

After all that I had gone through, when I finally thought I found comfort and safety, my world had come trembling down, literary. I felt the grounds beneath my feet started to shake and everything around me is falling apart. The scariness the five years old girl brought back to life was not only hers; now, it was mine as well. A sickening feeling was in the pit of my stomach and tears were threatening to fall. I was lost, and I was afraid. Where was my savior?

At last, eyelids were torn apart, just like two magnet identical poles that cannot be attracted to each other and the first thing that I saw was the blue ceiling of my bedroom. When I just began to even my breathing, it hit me like a rock: it was just a dream. Yet, I still could not get over the odd feeling that felt in my dream; it was consuming. Finally, after I had calmed down completely, my eyelids started to flutter pulling me into another deep sleep and I had one thought in my head: a beautiful nightmare.