Gravity hates me.
Well – more – she is triumphantly confident
In the control she has over me.
You see, back before,
Gravity was in love with Earth.
Well, I was young and in love too, once.
And so I, in my foolishness
(And not knowing the weakness of human nature)
Saw fit to challenge her.
Who loved the other, counterpart, more?
Who could make the world see them through our love-riddled eyes?
Gravity won.
Not that I didn't love him,
But I couldn't influence them enough
To love him –
Not as well as I did.
Gravity, on the other hand –
She wrapped herself around her Earth,
Enfolded him in her love,
Love so powerful no one has been able
To escape the attachment to Earth completely.
And as if Earth weren't enough,
She stretched forth her fingers,
Off into infinity,
And now her touch affects all the universe and beyond.
I don't resent her for it,
Quite the contrary, actually;
I applaud her for the success.
And I hope that someday,
I'll have Love as powerful as Gravity.