Why are your eyes

doors of steel,

seeing but not revealing?

My friend, you have become

a master of deception,

the ability to hide your fears

behind a wide smile and

hiding frosty tears so far down,

you're choking on their essence.

Somewhere they lurk,

in the lonely corners of your heart.

Somewhere you conceal the key

to your emotions.

You long for trust and for someone to care,

but push them away if you have the slightest suspicion about them.

Is it better that way?

Perhaps they really don't care.

Perhaps they can't understand your pain.

And so you lock it away

where no one can question it.

Now listen – friend –

I understand that.

I've been there.

I know how that feels,

having to bottle up your true emotions,

waiting for someone – anyone – to discover them.

But if that day never comes,

if they can't show you enough care,

Please know that I've gone through

much of the same.

When your world falls apart

and your dreams succumb to nightmare,

Know that I will be here for you.