Piercing Needles and Salty Tears

Never in your life have you seen such beauty. It soars openly through the sorrowful skies and bruised clouds. It's one of those moments when you want to stop the world. Hold it close and never let it go.

The water below is surging, the tide is coming in, slowly, but roughly. It's almost telling you to wait, to stop and think. But you don't listen, you have never listened.

It's like one of those scenes in a movie, full of sadness and cheesy love songs. You laugh at that. There's little grass beneath your bare feet, you curl your toes against the dirt and blades, it feels, different, two different things mixed together.

You take off your expensive leather jacket, sitting it on the bolder next to you. You're cold. It's windy. Your long brown hair blows into your eyes and you pull it away, a few tears running down your flushed wind burnt cheeks.

One step forward, you're so close you could grasp it. Another step forward. Its adrenaline and you know it. Your toes are over the edge, peeking over and ready to fly.

You smile. You clasp your hands together, vertical to the sky and pray to him, knowing he will be holding out a hand to you soon, ready to help you up.

Your heart flips in its confinement, pounding against your back as you realise you're airborne. It's only seconds, though it feels longer, when you're submerged, swallowed by the sea, eating you alive.

You knew it would be cold, but this is ice cold. Frozen water pierces your skin with a million needles, letting it suck away your life.

One last breath and it's all over.

You knew this was going to happen; it was destined to be, because no matter how high up you are, there's only one way to go.

And that's down.